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20 Years of Contact Center Solutions


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Remote Model Goes the Distance

The dog-leg drive from Omaha, Nebraska, where Working Solutions began, to its headquarters today in Plano, Texas, is 655 miles. About 10 hours, via I-35—with a rest stop at Dairy Queen for a Heath® Bar Blizzard® along the way.

As founder and chief executive, I knew the route well, fueled by caffeine and ice cream. In fact, I’ve covered that distance, plus thousands of more miles, as the company celebrates 20 years of service this month.

In that time, Working Solutions turned the idea of work-at-home contact center agents into an industry. We built it into one of the world’s largest remote workforces, with 110,000+ agents registered nationwide.

Our virtual model heralded times to come. Its flexibility for agents, many of whom have children, fit their lifestyles. Its scalability for clients, with shifting demands, moves with business trends and seasonal cycles.

Universal Appeal, Application

As a new mother back then and an established businesswoman, I knew the combination had universal appeal and application across different disciplines and industries. It enabled us to attract skilled workers who valued their independence. It earned us clients that needed resourceful, responsive business processing solutions.

To keep things in perspective, the original Working Solutions office, complete with desk and credenza, is reassembled in our company’s headquarters. It reminds us of where we began, and our deep roots in service to our clients and their customers.

When our company started in 1996, AOL—America Online—was new. Working virtually was novel. Now, it’s mainstream, with an estimated 50+ million Americans freelancing their talents, according to a 2015 study.

Glassdoor “OpenCompany”

And while the web has advanced, technology by itself only goes so far. That’s why our agents pick up where IT leaves off, personifying the brands they represent.

In an industry crowded with competitors today, Working Solutions continues to stand out. Reviews on Glassdoor, where employees and contractors rank companies, attest to the fact. Our company earns up to a four-star recommendation.

Glassdoor recognizes us as an “OpenCompany,” which speaks to our transparency to work for and with. That’s because we keep the business close to home—for employees, agents and clients.

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