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Why Outsource

Outsourcing Improves CX Quality, Cuts Costs
and Increases Revenue

Savvy organizations know superb customer service pays off. According to HubSpot: “93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service.” Cha-ching.

But what if in-house, customer-experience (CX) operations are wanting? Strapped for the right resources and too squeezed to perform well, which shortchange sales and service.

It’s wise then to explore business process outsourcing (BPO) support with an assured provider. One that delivers cost-efficient, prime service as needed, ensuring a greater return on your CX investment (ROI).

Working Solutions met or exceeded every client goal in 2023.

Increased Flexibility, Productivity and Better ROI

With nearly 30 years in customer service, Working Solutions knows what you’re up against today—pressured to produce better service, more sales with less. The situation calls for proven CX expertise.

We feel your pain and can help ease it. And maybe, even eliminate it all together. Here’s how.

Greater Flexibility: 100+% On-Demand

For clients, we create virtual CX workforces that flex with business volume peaks and valleys. Always ready and in reserve.

They scale as needed, segueing from AI to  intelligent agents (IA).

More Productivity: 2-3 FTEs Vs. Single Agent

All agents are paid in productive minutes for actual time worked. No waste or want for clients.

And we use 2 to 3 full-time equivalents (FTEs) for every in-house, call-center agent.

Better Rate of Return: Average 2X ROI Projected

We ensure key performance metrics (KPIs)—from first-call resolutions to upselling—achieve optimum results.

Streamlined operations improve efficiencies, save money and grow revenue.

Maximize Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents

Make the most of AI for efficient CX while leveraging the business savvy of intelligent agents (IA), who identify with the customers they serve.

Would you rather your CX operations be seen as a revenue generator or a cost center?

Assess your current operations

To streamline agent recruiting, education and operations. As always, the goal is double-digit performance improvement.

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Lay out a speed-to-efficiency plan

Aligning specific goals along desired timelines. Develop quick-turn solutions that sharpen and accelerate service.

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Capitalize on your outsourced capabilities

Explore opportunities to transform a CX cost center into revenue-making operations.

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What Superior Outsourcing Gives Clients

Few organizations have the means in-house to run full-scale, high-end operations for service and sales. The costs and resources required are prohibitive.

As a recognized BPO partner, Working Solutions gets it. And we got you, too—so that you don’t have to own and operate everything to succeed and prosper. We do the heavy lifting and carry the load. And, we do it in your brand; so that support is seamless to your entire operation.

Working Solutions addresses pain points and delivers measurable value.

Attracting, Retaining Best Talent for Sales and Service

A key concern for clients is finding and keeping great contact center agents. We excel at both—recruiting and retaining them.

As a result, WSOL agent attrition is well below the industry average.

Blending AI and IA for Quality Service

In the rush to integrate artificial intelligence (AI), companies find themselves hamstrung with legacy IT.

Intelligent agents (IA) know how to merge AI efficiency with human empathy, blending the best of both.

Ensuring Security for Remote CX Workforces

Cybercrime is on the rise. Virtual contact centers must be ever-vigilant to secure and protect customer data.

We partner with ThinScale to guard against cyberattacks for best-practice, remote-worker security.

Differentiated CX

Our proven formula for quality customer service outsourcing is straightforward: Happy agents = happy customers. One begets the other.

This year, Working Solutions ranks #1 among the FlexJobs Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs. The recognition validates ongoing investments we make in WSOL agents for client success.

In turn, agent longevity promotes consistent service for clients and excellent experiences for their customers. Recent WSOL surveys bear out these facts.

Clients Attest to Outsourcing’s ROI

Boscov’s has never outsourced customer care and I was very concerned about protecting our brand and culture. I learned I had nothing to worry about and Working Solutions has done a better job with our customers than I could have imagined. We could not have gotten through the holiday without them!

– Maria Tenreiro | Customer Care, Director | Boscov’s

So appreciate all y’all did for Southwest, and I LUV how we pulled together. Let’s find another (less stressful) reason to do it again!

– Tim Scott | Manager, Sourcing & SWA Staffers Talent Acquisition | Southwest Airlines

We selected Working Solutions because of the very unique approaches to agent staffing and scheduling, the high priority they place on agent training and their commitment to high-quality customer interactions. They have completely delivered on all expectations!

– Dan Fisher | Service Operations Director | Toyota Connected

93% Client NPS 2023
87% Agent NPS 2023