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Collaborate with an upbeat group of highly-skilled professionals, in an enjoyable and challenging environment, encouraging creativity, work ownership, and fulfillment in personal contribution. We believe mutual respect and emotional intelligence play essential roles in developing a caring culture. Join our unique and thriving culture.

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Creating a Caring Culture

Company president and chief executive Kim Houlne is a student of different management styles, having experienced both good and bad.

As an employee at several companies and later a consultant, she’s run the gamut. From competitive workplaces to detached management to leaders who do right by people—her preferred style.

From the start, Kim sought to establish “a high degree of emotional intelligence” in creating a caring culture at Working Solutions.

Showing Mutual Respect

Working Solutions has many employees, along with thousands of independent agents—including stay-at-home parents, seniors, military spouses and change-of-career professionals. Our diversity reflects the clients and customers we serve.

After 20 years in business, founder Kim Houlne believes: “If you show genuine interest for your team and community, immediately you find the level of respect for clients, their customers and other team members increases.”

“Even after 19 years in the industry, I still find our environment recharges my batteries and keeps it fresh and challenging.”

April, Vice President, Program Success Employee since 2009

“Working Solutions is an excellent place to work in. People here are warm, nice and caring, treated just like a big family. Looking forward to seeing this big family grow and get better. Let’s go, WSOL!”

Wei Employee since 2018