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Financial Services

Differentiators to Take to the Bank:
Responsive Service. Personalized Solutions.

In financial services, several watchwords resonate: business resilience, operational excellence and customer experience (CX).

Challenging times require resolve and flexibility. Service operations, advanced by automation and limited by less staff, need to be optimized. Every experience, the first-and-last measure of success, has to be personalized.

Great financial services excel at all three—with CX as a priority with 90+%, according to Statista. Done well, clients and customers can take it to the bank.

Engaging customers reduces churn.

On-Demand Solutions

Instilling Confidence and Growing Business

Whether it’s multinational investment, local REIT or consumer banking, financial services need secure infrastructure and savvy professionals to serve customers.

Beyond meeting all regulations and safety practices, leveraging the best solutions instills consumer confidence and grows the business.

Financial Services

The scope of solutions spans  retail banking, insurance and investment offerings.

  • Capital markets
  • Consumer financial services
  • Investment trusts and services
  • Life and health insurance
  • Multiline insurance
  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Retail banking
  • Retail brokerage and REIT
  • Real estate operations
  • Tax-season support

Customer Experience

Intuitive interfaces and seamless transfers to live reps ease the CX journey.

  • Acquisition and retention campaigns
  • Balance consolidation and transfer
  • Billings and payment processing
  • Charge dispute resolution
  • Credit applications and card activation
  • Inbound collections
  • Payment processing
  • Service-to-sales

Sales and Service

Well-versed in financial  services, experts address all customer needs.

  • 24/7/365 access to skilled agents
  • Expert technical support
  • Fast, systematic issue resolution
  • Follow-up messaging
  • Loyalty and rewards program management
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Self-support tools

What Our Clients Say

It is always reassuring to know Working Solutions’ leadership stands willing to go the extra mile.

– Senior Director | Global Financial Protection Servicer

The way you teach and design your classes is different from any vendor has proven success.

– Heath Harris | Global Partner Manager | Intuit

I had to check my glasses to be sure that NPS score was correct!  Your agents are beating the network!

– Pete Vegors | Global Partner Manager | Intuit

Retain Business. Maximize Sales.

The client’s challenge was threefold: 1) Launch an enrollment plan. 2) Maintain existing sales and service. 3) Do both without hiring more full-time staff.

Working Solutions supplied 100s of on-demand agents in 48 hours, trimmed average call-abandonment rates to less than 5%, and added a retail client, increasing company calls by more than 1,000%.

Making Virtual Viable and Vigilant

The pandemic forced businesses across all industries to go remote and reinvent. Service flexibility and security necessitated by the crisis became CX norms.

For Working Solutions, it’s business as usual. Its virtual, on-demand model of 27 years epitomizes what clients and their customers expect. Real-time, real-world sales and service. And we deliver them—safe and secure.

Managing Risk

Remote Agent Security

Like other respected business process outsourcers, Working Solutions uses ThinScale’s Remote Worker Technology to ensure customer interactions remain safe and secure.

Staying Compliant

100% — Plus

For security, annual audits for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) are done, plus measures such as passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Ensuring Continuity

999.99% Uptime

For clients, we develop comprehensive recovery plans to deal with business risks, manmade and otherwise. All are thoroughly vetted and tested regularly.

Let our experts optimize your financial services CX.

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