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Retail and Ecommerce

Our Retail and Ecommerce Partnerships

Here are just a few of the clients that we’ve served in the past 26 years.

It’s a New World of Ecommerce. Is Your Business Ready?

Even before COVID-19, online buying was surging in popularity, with more than $600 billion in sales in 2019. Shoppers expect a smooth, secure and intuitive ecommerce experience—and you’ve got seconds to deliver it before they move on.

It’s time to optimize your online selling. With decades of experience supporting top-tier retailers, we know how to build a digital customer experience (CX) that boosts satisfaction and keeps your revenue growing.

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Scalable Retail and Ecommerce BPO Solutions

Customer Experience
  • 24/7/365 access to expert agents
  • Omnichannel presence
  • Fast, systematic issue resolution
  • Expert technical support
  • Schedule changes and refunds
  • Concierge services
  • Self-support tools
Sales and Services
  • Boost revenue with expert upselling
  • Maximize seasonal and promo events
  • Capture more online/phone sales
  • Compatible with existing billing systems
  • Acquisition and retention campaigns
  • Warranty fulfillment
  • Service-to-sales
  • Follow-up messaging
  • Loyalty and rewards program management
  • Points/rewards redemption
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Email engagement campaigns

Why Go Virtual?

In an online marketplace where location increasingly doesn’t matter, the virtual, on-demand contact center is the most effective and cost-efficient way to provide premium customer service.

Better service

Virtual professionals work in customer care because they’re passionate about it. They offer the empathy, know-how and relationship-building that’s key to customer satisfaction.

<strong>Lower overhead</strong>

Virtual customer care comes at a much lower investment than brick-and-mortar call centers, as well as in-house agents—and vastly outperforms those traditional models, too.

Wider footprint

wGet expert engagement across all communications channels, including ecommerce, Instagram, automated chatbots, self-service tools, email messaging and many others.

Instant scalability

Even during normal times, unexpected surges in demand or other events can leave you scrambling. Virtual teams can instantly scale up and down to ensure seamless service at all times.


How do you win a customer’s trust when attention spans are shorter than ever? Targeted engagement campaigns keep buyers interested and help boost word-of-mouth.

Personalized care

Customers want messaging that speaks directly to them. Leverage our advanced analytical tools to customize their experiences and maximize your marketing return on investment.

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Success Story: Scalability in Action

With the holiday season approaching, a major retailer needed to expand online and phone support. But in New York City, local specialists were hard to find and prohibitively expensive. Our virtual, on-demand model delivered a team of specialized agents just in time for the holiday rush.

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