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Energy and Utility

Our Energy and Utility Partnerships

Here are just a few of the clients we’ve served over the past 26 years.

Service and Support, No Matter What

Rising temperatures. Escalating natural disasters. Social unrest and health crises. Energy and utility providers are under more pressure and scrutiny than ever to provide essential services and protection to customers and communities.

The communication needs of utility services are complex, requiring not just basic customer service but also important tasks, such as shut-off notices, reminder calls, legally mandated payment arrangements for low-income customers and more. Now, you can meet these demands with utility BPO.

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Scalable Energy and Utility BPO Solutions

Customer Experience
  • Full product/service support
  • 24/7/365 access to expert agents
  • Outage and disruption notifications
  • Fast, effective issue resolution
  • Expert technical support
  • Billing and service inquiries
  • Self-support tools
Sales and Services
  • New account acquisition
  • Sales outreach and upselling
  • Follow-up messagings
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Email engagement campaigns
Billing and Collections
  • Payment and collections services
  • Order management and fulfillment
  • Compatible with existing billing systems
  • Service-to-sales
  • First-party collections
  • Smart-meter monitoring
  • Prepaid accounts setup

Benefits for Energy and Utility Services

Outsourcing your communications and key back-office tasks to a dedicated service provider gives you the power to streamline while powering up your operational capabilities:

With safety on the line and lives at stake, a BPO partner helps you minimize the possibility of failure in the chain of communications—be it on the part of agents or the equipment they use.

Customer-service channels are shifting to new directions. BPO offers multichannel versatility, from inbound and outbound voice channels to email, video chat, virtual assistants, social and more.

Get access to a premium network of customer service agents skilled in every type of communication, from basic sales and service to emergency messaging.

Communicate with customers in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in whatever time zone they reside—and in a variety of language and dialects, tailored to your unique demographics.

Inaction isn’t an option. As in California, there can be legal liability for failing to appropriately act or communicate during a crisis. A BPO-powered disaster plan offers a first line of defense.

Deregulation and changes in market forces are creating new competition, opportunities and operational mandates. Our experts help you understand these challenges and adapt to meet them.

Analytical tools give you the power to continuously improve by tracking and reporting KPIs, such as first-call resolution, abandoned call rate and average handling time.

Dispersed backups
Secure your data on a reliable network of data centers spread across the U.S. and Canada to best ensure uptime during a regional disaster.

Outsourcing the a nationwide network of agents means you’ll be equipped to handle seasonal spikes in regional activity without lapses in service or undue expense.

Back office
Along with customer care and payment services, you’ll get product/service support, tech support, sales outreach and order management and fulfillment — all within an integrated solution.

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Success Story: Stepping In and
Stepping Up

After underestimating demand by 20%, a major energy company needed a responsive workforce to step in fast—and achieve a 92% productivity rate, to boot. We not only met that goal, but also helped recover nearly 90% of the unexpected demand while delivering a satisfaction rate of at least 80%.

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