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Energy and Utility

Always-On Customer Service:
24/7 Sales and Support. No Matter What.

Climate change is reordering the very nature of how energy companies and utilities provide quality customer experiences (CX). Just consider, S&P Global ranks utilities and energy as #1 and #3 for long-term, physical risk.

So, how do they fulfill essential customer needs when challenged by atmospheric rivers, blizzard cyclones, wildfire infernos and rising seas?

It requires CX operations tougher than the calamities faced. Such resiliency takes climate-hardened customer service solutions. Proven to perform, no matter what happens.

Ensuring operational excellence for your industry.

On-Demand Solutions

Flexibility in an Ever-Changing World

Virtual CX solutions enable companies to scale customer service. This lets them flex up or down for daily operations, long-range projects and unforeseen events. And virtual is vital when a business finds itself in a tight spot. With a remote network of 150,000+ agents, Working Solutions can shift work for nonstop CX.

Business continuity is critical for energy companies and utilities. Steadfast solutions should be the one constant in an ever-changing world.

Customer Experience

Ensure flawless service, be it AI-enabled solutions or in-person help from live agents.

  • Billing and service inquiries
  • Expert technical support
  • Fast, effective issue resolution
  • Full product/service support
  • 24/7/365 access to skilled agents
  • Outage and disruption notifications
  • Self-support tools

Sales and Service

Drive revenue through initial sales, complemented by add-on business year-long.

  • Email engagement campaigns
  • Follow-up messaging
  • New-account acquisition
  • Sales outreach with cross-selling and upselling
  • Satisfaction surveys

Billing and Collections

Keep operations running well, from order fulfillment to payment collections.

  • First-party collections
  • Order management and fulfillment
  • Payment and collections services
  • Prepaid-accounts setup
  • Service-to-sales
  • Smart-meter monitoring

Success Story

Stepping In and Stepping Up

After underestimating demand by 20%, a major energy company needed a responsive BPO workforce to step in fast—and achieve a 92% productivity rate, to boot.

Working Solutions not only met that goal, but also helped recover nearly 90% of the unexpected demand. Plus, we delivered a satisfaction rate of at least 80%.

Our Watchwords: Reliability and Resiliency

Storms that were once unprecedented are now common. Their severity requires dependable CX operations that can endure any event—before, during and after.

The Working Solutions intelligent agent model anticipates and operates outside of harm’s way. It has ever-ready resources in place—with many more in reserve.

Scaling to Demand

1:3 to 1:10 FTEs

We use full-time equivalents (FTEs) to serve clients. This enables us to stagger shifts and scale the right number of agents to handle fluctuating service volumes.

Staying Mobile

100% of the Time

Our on-demand, remote workforce spans the U.S. and Canada. A network of 150,000+ professional agents stand ready for routine work and out-of-the-ordinary demands.

Delivering Nonstop

999.99% Uptime

Business preparedness makes certain CX operations stay up and running, whatever occurs. All systems are backed up, vetted and tested regularly for 24/7 customer service.

Let our experts elevate your customer experiences.

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