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Put Quality CX in Your Rx.
Ensure Great Customer Care.

A recent survey tells the tale. McKinsey & Company reports 90% of healthcare provider leaders and 100% of marketing officers cite consumerism as a top priority.

For good reason. The pandemic pushed open the door far and wide for great,  virtual customer service. And it’s staying open.

With more solutions online, the quality of customer experiences (CX) and delivery of patient care come together. Plan to deliver them nonstop. That’s what patients expect.

Best-practice healthcare and customer service require empathy.

On-Demand Solutions

Keeping Your Sales and Service Strong

Our professional service agents provide premium CX. They are well-versed in all aspects of healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO).

On-demand customer care improves patient satisfaction at every touchpoint—from claims inquiries to benefits coverage to risk assessments.

Provider Services

Secure solutions ensure  providers are buttoned down to do business.

  • Certification for HIPAA, ISO, PCI, DSE
  • Claims inquiries
  • Confidential data collection and management
  • Lead generation
  • Licensed advisors
  • Personalized patient outreach
  • Pharmaceutical and product recalls

Member Services

Our agents are patients, too. As such, they identify with the customers being served.

  • Benefits coverage
  • Enrollment confirmation
  • Flexible-spending administration
  • Healthcare claims
  • Medical-equipment inquiries
  • Product orientation
  • Web-based, self-service solutions

Patient Management

Streamline workflow to prevent overloads and business interruptions.

  • Benefits checkups
  • Disease-specific outreach
  • Eligibility and open enrollment
  • Medication adherence
  • Patient notifications
  • Risk assessments
  • Wellness education

What Our Clients Say

The Working Solutions (WSOL) team has truly been a partner in providing our patients/practices quality and reliable support. With the support of the WSOL team, we have been able to meet the expected levels for KPIs consistently.

– Director of Patient Services

Working Solutions met the challenge of incorporating a new line of business head on. We thought outside of the box to implement new strategies, ensuring the shift would be as close to flawless as possible.

– Program Success Manager | Leading provider of remote cardiac diagnostics and monitoring

They have successfully collaborated with us in every direction we’ve explored and have been a wonderful, long-term partner.

– Senior Director, Customer Service | Fortune 100 healthcare services company

Bilingual Care Needed Fast

The client’s existing CX operations maxed out. Building a new facility and hiring in-house agents were not options. Working Solutions stepped in, educating 150 bilingual nurses in a few weeks as on-demand agents to enroll patients in a Medicaid discount-drug program.

Industry Expertise Spans Decades

The front door to any business is industry knowledge. Over 27 years, Working Solutions has served clients such as BioTelemetry, McKesson and Pfizer.

For each, we created a CX workforce in its own image. Clients solutions include optimizing workflow, reducing costs and maximizing growth. And more.

Optimize Workflow

Average 35-40%

Achieve cross-channel orchestration, combining self-service and person-to-person care that integrate into your existing network.

Reduce Costs

Average 25%

Automate basic tasks and routine inquiries, streamlining your use of agents and reducing the expense of customer churn.

Maximize Growth

Boost 30%

Improve enrollment rates with seasoned agents who know how to elevate customer relationships that earn repeat business.

Elevate customer care. We know how.

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Achieving Operational Excellence

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