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Our Healthcare Partnerships

Here are just a few of the healthcare clients we’ve proudly served over the years.

Patient Outcomes Depend on Customer Experience

As care moves increasingly online, the quality of your CX and delivery of patient care is more important than ever. Yet as patients become savvier consumers, that’s a difficult achievement.

Our virtual customer service agents provide premium customer care and are well-versed in all aspects of healthcare BPO. From open enrollment to eligibility requests and claims inquiries—and all points in between—virtual care gives you the power to improve patient satisfaction at every touchpoint.

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Scalable Healthcare BPO Solutions

Provider Services
  • Claims inquiries
  • Secure, confidential data collection and management
  • HIPAA, ISO, PCI, DSE certification
  • Pharmaceutical and product recalls
  • Licensed advisors
  • Lead generation
  • Personalized outreach
Member Services
  • Benefits coverage
  • Enrollment confirmation
  • Web-based, self-service solutions
  • Product orientation
  • Medical equipment inquiries
  • Flexible-spending administration
  • Healthcare claims
Patient Management
  • Patient notifications
  • Eligibility and open enrollment
  • Risk assessments
  • Wellness education
  • Benefits checkups
  • Disease-specific outreach
  • Medication adherence

What Can Healthcare BPO Services Do for Your Organization?

In the face of mounting regulatory and reimbursement complexities, our CX specialists have the expertise to make care work better for providers and patients alike.

From pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to hospitals and insurers, our experts unite a vast field of expertise to offer the up-to-date industry knowledge you need to compete.

Customize Care

Create a personalized patient experience that doesn’t feel intrusive, and which adheres to the strictest levels of cybersecurity, HIPAA compliance and all other applicable regulations.


Boost Satisfaction

Use analytics and automation to give people what they want—fast answers to basic questions when possible and personalized attention from specialized agents when they need that.


Optimize Workflows

Achieve cross-channel orchestration with a customized combination of self-service and person-to-person care that fits smoothly into your existing network.


Achieve Sustainability

Get added insurance against unexpected ramps in utilization, seasonal fluctuation or even natural disasters with a virtual workforce that can scale up or down almost instantly.


Maximize Growth

Improve enrollment rates with the help of seasoned agents who know how to maximize customer relationships in ways that enhance satisfaction and loyalty.


Leverage Technology

Integrate your existing care workflows with technology customers use and demand, such as website auto-chat, video software, social media and medical apps.


Reduce Costs

Set up a system to automate basic tasks and customer answers while better routing others, optimizing your use of the agents and reducing the expense of customer churn.


Improve Management

Optimize management of your member and patient experience, including welcome programs, appointment/re-order reminders, enrollment/product support and more.

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Success Story: Bilingual Care Needed, STAT

A major health services provider needed specialists to increase enrollment in its Medicaid discount drug program, and to help patients navigate a new and complex decision-making process. In just three weeks, we had 150 fully prepared, bilingual nurses ready to deliver exceptional patient care at lower costs.
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