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Travel and Hospitality

Ensure Great, Sustained Experiences. For Return Trips and Repeat Business.

Whatever the destination, travelers need customer care every step of the way. They require travel-hospitality management services door to door. Ensuring predictable, pleasurable outcomes there and back.

Expect bankable returns for your CX investments. Empathetic experiences for your customers that exceed 90% satisfaction on average. Otherwise, why leave home?

See how we helped  during a winter storm crisis:

On-Demand Solutions

Navigating Peaks and Valleys for You and Your Customers

Scalable service and sales for travel and hospitality are core to the Working Solutions virtual CX model.
Their fluidity changes with the weather and flexes with the situation—be it ticket refunds, timeshare bookings or rewards programs.

Customer Service

First-class CX for your travelers with 24/7 access to travel experts your customers will love.

  • Concierge service
  • Crisis workarounds
  • Customer support
  • Refund processing
  • Schedule changes

Sales and Service

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to please your customers. Upsell and expand CX.

  • Airline reservations and booking management
  • Client/third-party billing
  • Cruise-ship ticketing
  • Hotel and timeshare booking

Loyalty Programs

All customer interactions, big or small, matter. We enable every client’s brand to go the distance.

  • Follow-up messaging
  • Miles/points redemption
  • Personalized service calls
  • Rewards programs
  • Satisfaction surveys

What Our Clients Say

All of my years here and my past careers, I have never worked with a better virtual training team. Working Solutions is true education professionals which make such a noticeable difference. You can tell you are teachers; you always want to get it right and do the right thing for our company and your agents. We are blessed to work with you.

– Amber | Sr. Manager, Training & Quality | ALG

For us to be successful, we need engaged partners who hold the same values that we do. Working Solutions hits all those check points. They have been extremely flexible during our relationship and are a true extension of our workforce. We value their partnership, and they are a great influence in our success.

– Global Senior Director, Call Center Operations | Major travel platform

Working Solutions augmented staff and matched quality levels at a great value. They are a perfect solution to our overflow needs.

– Lead Executive | Leading Travel Company

We are very impressed with their responsiveness, flexibility and quality. Their expedited service ensured staff and volunteers were in place to provide safe shelter, food, medical supplies and comfort.

– Vice President | Mid-Atlantic Affairs | Travel Management Co.

We have watched your teams handle millions of customer calls. We have seen you survive ash clouds, snowstorms, floods and hurricanes and have done all this reliably, professionally and with one committed focus and goal—doing the absolute best for the American Express Travel customer.

– Vice President | Communications | American Express

Producing More During a Crucial Transition

During times of growth and transition for a major travel platform, a premier travel technology company, our team and platform supported a 21% increase…

Ensuring Excellent Performance

Successful CX starts with ongoing investments. Selecting the best contact center agents upfront. Immersing them in a travel client’s culture and business from the get-go. Satisfying customers with service excellence all along the way.

Hiring Top Talent:

Select less than 15%

It’s hard getting quality contact center agents. Even tougher finding skilled travel agents or advisors. To perform well, we recruit only top talent—well-versed in Amadeus, Sabre and other reservation systems. Great CX is the ultimate destination.

Educating Agents:

Invest $100,000s

When customers are miles from home, agents should be invested in their welfare. That’s we why spend weeks upfront—and more time later—educating them in a client’s business. As brand advocates, agents identify with customers, wherever they go.

Pleasing Customers:

Average 92% CSAT

Things sometimes go astray when traveling. The one constant, however, should be sustained, quality CX. As a BPO provider for 26 years, we perfect the processes, professionals and performance to ensure it. That way, customers arrive satisfied.

Shorten the distance between great travel experiences with on-demand solutions.

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