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Executive Insight: Working Virtually for 24 Years

For CNN, chief executive Kim Houlne of Working Solutions shares her insight for work-from-home success, which is vital today for remote workforces.

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Kim Houlne CEO Working Solutions featured in CNN

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woman reading computer about customer experience during COVID 19 pandemic

Sustaining Customer Service during COVID-19

The deadly virus isn’t going away anytime soon. Because of that, chief executive Kim Houlne believes working virtually is vital to serve customers.
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kim houlne Dallas Business Journal

Proven Customer-service Model in a Crisis

Chief executive Kim Houlne says a virtual-business model, with remote contact center agents, serves clients and their customers well, especially during COVID-19.
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contact center world mentions Gail Rigler working solutions leader

Working from Home: Being Secure and Productive

In this Contact Center World Q&A, chief marketing officer Gail Rigler outlines what it takes to do it right.
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man reading working solutions mention on the news from a desktop computer

How to Train Office Workers Now at Home

Tamara Schroer, a virtual-education leader at Working Solutions, offers five tips to orient new remote workers at home.
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