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The heartbeat of any business is its customer service, where crucial audiences engage firsthand with a company’s brand and internal teams. According to Microsoft, 90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company, and 58% will switch companies because of poor customer service.

Your company may not have the capability or want to hire, develop, and maintain customer service support staff, given growth or other critical priorities. As a business leader, one of the most significant decisions you’ll make regarding customer service is deciding whether to outsource your customer service or keep it in-house.

This guide will inform you of the essential factors to consider when making this decision and provide additional context depending on the size of your organization.

What is Customer Service Outsourcing?

Outsourcing customer service is the process, technologies, systems, and strategies that allow you to support customer service functions through an external party.

Outsourced customer service partners provide expertise and experience in this crucial business area. Essentially, a portion or all your customer support operations are turned over to a third-party vendor or service provider for training, hiring, and managing agents. With Working Solutions as your Business Process Outsourcer (BPO), our company will engage a team of outsourced, expert staff or contractors who are well-versed in your brand, customers, and offerings.

Common Types of Outsourced Customer Service

How Does Outsourced Customer Service Help You?

Outsourcing customer service to an experienced partner is beneficial for organizations looking for a reliable, efficient customer service solution.

This outsourced team of experts acts as ambassadors of your products and services and, most importantly, of your brand. They enable your organization to perform customer service while turning your focus to other critical priorities like growth, sales, and marketing.

Finding a team that excels in applying relevant systems and processes takes that responsibility off your shoulders. The move elevates your business to a new standard of efficacy and success.

Your business may not be in a position to develop and sustain internal support staff, given growth or the need to shift to other critical priorities. It may make more sense to engage a proven service provider and industry expert to take this vital component of your business to the next level.

Many organizations turn to customer support outsourcing to eliminate costs, save time on hiring or training, or ensure flexibility, depending on what resources, technologies, or skillsets are needed at a specific time or for a particular project.

Maybe you are considering expanding into other territories or countries where a dedicated team familiar with the specific aspects and language of the region is necessary. Or your growth could indicate a need for 24/7 service capabilities in various time zones.

Every size business can benefit from this responsive, scalable business model. Outsourcing customer service for large companies is a boon during busy times, including the holiday season when call volume ramps up. By partnering with a customer service outsourcer, you don’t have to worry about hiring and training temporary staff in time to give the same level of service.

There are also advantages for small to medium businesses (SMB) or small to medium enterprises (SME), such as transferring overflow inquiries to an outsourced call center, without impacting current employee workloads. It’s also more cost-effective than hiring full-time workers, as labor or operating costs in other countries may differ.

What Are the Different Types of Outsourced Customer Service?

It’s not a one-size-fits-all methodology. Here are some of the various categories available:

a-guide-to-outsourcing-customer-service Multichannel vs. Omnichannel

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel

a-guide-to-outsourcing-customer-service Onshore vs. Offshore

Onshore vs. Offshore

a-guide-to-outsourcing-customer-service Shared vs. Dedicated

Shared vs. Dedicated


In-house vs. Outsourced

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service?

Outsourcing provides many advantages to businesses of every size:

Reasons Not to Outsource

When you consider outsourcing your customer service, don’t go about it for the wrong reasons. These three reasons don’t qualify as business justifications for outsourcing:


Don’t outsource for the sole reason of lowering costs. Make sure your outsourcing partner fits your business needs, not just your budget. Maybe as a small company, you don’t need more than one customer service representative to handle the total volume of calls, where a larger company with a higher volume needs more support.


Don’t outsource to avoid dealing with customer service issues. Whatever problems are surfacing during calls should be identified, addressed, and resolved quickly. Work with your outsourcing team to create open, two-way communication regularly, so you both know what is happening in your business internally and externally.


Finally, don’t outsource to save employee training on new issues, products, or services. Your employees are always your best brand ambassadors.

How Does Partnering with Working Solutions Support Your Customer Service Needs?

Working Solutions offers an all-encompassing solution for your sales and customer service needs, with seamless integrations at every touchpoint. Our agents fulfill your company and customer demands across all channels. Our on-demand solution enables you to better engage, empathize, and delight your customers, wherever and whenever they interact with your brand.

a guide-to-outsourcing-customer-service-customer-service

Customer Service

Our on-demand contact center experts offer professional customer service and support.

Our agents pick up where automated self-service leaves off, ensuring personalized care based on real-time customer issues.

a guide-to-outsourcing-customer-service-scalability


Your customers not only deserve an excellent customer service experience, but today, they expect it.

With Working Solutions, you can start small by only outsourcing supplemental customer support to meet any seasonal or other surge demands. When you’re ready to scale to year-round support agents or multi-channel customer service, we’re ready to help with zero gaps or learning curves.

a guide-to-outsourcing-customer-service-flexibility


Does your business experience busy seasons, when sales burst at the seams along with customer service?

Our agents are skilled and standing by to help you ramp up increased demand in hours, not weeks.

a guide-to-outsourcing-customer-service-business-continuity

Business Continuity

When it comes to disaster preparedness, we cover every time zone 24/7 in the U.S. and Canada.

From blizzards, hurricanes, or business spikes, we can help you scale at a moment’s notice. Our service extends your brand and is always ready, whatever situation you encounter.

a guide-to-outsourcing-customer-service-security


Our agents are vetted and well-versed in your business, knowing the way it works inside and out.

We use proven and tested data encryption so your information stays secure no matter what. Plus, our remote customer service agents provide a more secure environment than a physical call center.