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Telecom and Media

Our Telecom and Media Partnerships

From startup to blue chip, here are some of the clients we’ve served in the past 26 years.

CX is the New Marketing

Data shows that a customer-centric experience can yield better long-term results than a single-minded focus on new acquisitions — and nowhere is that more important than telecommunications.

In an era when customer expectations are higher than ever, telecom BPO services can help you not just meet but exceed them with the help of a nation-spanning virtual contact center network that meets people seamlessly on any communications channel they choose, and scales up and down in a hurry.

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Scalable Telecom and Media BPO Solutions

Customer Experience
  • Fast, effective issue resolution
  • 24/7/365 access to expert agents
  • Engagement tools to maximize loyalty
  • Billing and service inquiries
  • Account activations
  • Customer win-back
  • Loyalty programs
  • Self-support tools
  • Outage and disruption notifications
Advanced Outsourcing
  • Expert technical support
  • Full back-office support
  • Scalable to meet unexpected needs
  • Product launches
  • Increase conversions
  • Raise average order value
  • Maximize marketing events
Billing and Collections
  • Payment and collections services
  • Order management and fulfillment
  • Compatible with existing billing systems
  • Service-to-sales
  • First party collections
  • Prepaid accounts-set up

Boost Your Customer Service

Virtual communication makes life easier for your customers, boosting satisfaction, engagement and the capacity to upsell while also cutting costs on infrastructure and technology.

Differentiate Yourself
Customers have high expectations. A fluid, dynamic, multi-channel approach will not only meet them, but distinguish your business from others.

Improve Key Metrics
Reduce churn from poor communications and maximize each relationship. Leverage advanced problem resolution and troubleshooting skills. Make use of expert product knowledge to better guide purchasing decisions.

Accommodate Growth
Leverage agents who know how to grow relationships when and how it matters the most, and help reduce the cost of customer churn. Get the capacity to boost agents at a moment’s notice to meet unexpected demand, without breaking your budget.

Leverage Analytics
Track every transaction to offer customers a personalization that they demand. As long as you keep the info in-house, customers are happy to provide personal info to get a better CX — and our analytics helps you gather and leverage the data to do just that.

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Success Story: Getting the Job Done

A blue-chip wireless provider needed to scale up fast for a year-end marketing push. In just 3 weeks —30% faster than the company’s standard onboarding time — they got 200 skilled agents with deep industry experience who boosted conversions, average order values and 90-day customer retention.

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