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Telecom and Media

The Message is Loud and Clear:
Make Every Experience Count.


That’s all well and good. But the question is: Can they deliver them with industry-wide commoditization as costs climb and consumer expectations rise?

They can. But only if customer needs are anticipated and acted on in real time. And every experience should be exceptional—both efficient and empathetic.

Ensuring continuous business operations.

On-Demand Solutions

Seamless Service Builds Business.

Data shows smooth customer experiences (CX) yield long-term benefits. And nowhere is that more important than in telecommunications.

Omnichannel solutions that flow from one channel to the next earn lasting loyalty. Seamless CX makes each engagement manageable—and memorable, too.

Customer Experience

From business continuity to customer retention, solutions are tailored for every client.

  • 24/7 access to agents
  • Account activations
  • Customer win-backs
  • Billing and service inquiries
  • Engagement tools to maximize business
  • Fast, effective issue resolution
  • Loyalty and reward programs
  • Outage and disruption notifications

Advanced Outsourcing

With on-demand services, clients know resources are always ready and in reserve.

  • Expert tech support
  • Integrated, back-office operations
  • Increased average order value
  • More customer conversions
  • Responsive product launches
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Scalable solutions to meet demand

Billings and Collections

Integration of CX systems enables smooth operations and sustained service.

  • Billing-systems integration
  • First-party collections
  • Payment services
  • Order management and fulfillment
  • Service-to-sales
  • Setup of prepaid accounts

Success Story

Speedy Operations. Bigger Orders.

A blue-chip wireless provider needed to scale up fast for a year-end marketing push. In just three weeks —30% faster than the company’s standard onboarding time —Working Solutions onboarded 200 skilled agents with deep industry experience. They boosted conversions, average order values and 90-day customer retention.

Cultivating Long-Term Relationships

The contact center industry is known for its high turnover. For continuity, clients seek CX providers that form lasting partnerships. Working Solutions does. Client programs of a decade or more are common. Frontline leaders average 15+ years of expertise.  And a third of new business comes from referrals.

Sustained Leadership

250 Years +

On average, Working Solutions executives have 20+ years each in serving clients. Together, their experience exceeds 250 years of service excellence.

Long-Time Clients

10 Years +

Strong, lasting bonds are normal with clients. That’s because our teams embrace their brands. Often, they are customers themselves.

Experienced Agents

Avg. 3 Years

Agents (PROs) tend to stay for several years. It’s common for them to celebrate 5-, 10- and 15-year anniversaries. Clients appreciate their dedication.

Let our experts elevate your telecom and media CX.

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