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5 Ways to Find On-Demand Agents

SEO Redefined: Seek Every Opportunity

For call or contact center services, there’s constant demand for great on-demand agents. The best ones always find work—and we work hard to find them. We do business in a virtual world of contracted talent. It’s only logical then to apply a little search engine optimization (SEO) thinking to recruit work-at-home agents. Said another way, SEO means seek every opportunity. By that, we mean broadening and sharpening searches to find the perfect agents. That’s what we’ve done for 20 years, using five proven methods to recruit skilled workforces for diverse industries—from healthcare to retail to travel.

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Optimized Search – Work-at-Home Agents

Tried and true, they include:

  1. Broaden your horizons. Need a tech support expert with medical background, who happens to be fluent in Portuguese? Widen the geographical net as far as possible to increase your chances of finding the perfect match.The working world is increasingly mobile and decentralized. Use it to your advantage—and don’t settle for what’s right in your own backyard.
  2. Go where the experts are. If you were looking to hire a nanny for your kids, would you post an ad on a general job board? Most likely, you look for referrals from trusted childcare professionals, and post inquiries within childcare-specific forums.Follow the same path in finding U.S.-based, on-demand agents. With our homeshore model, we seek out groups and organizations where skilled agents hang out to network, develop professional skills and find new work opportunities.Ask your best agents what drew them in, then go back to those sources and emphasize the same points in your advertising.
  3. Tell the whole truth. Did you ever buy a product you saw online, only to discover it was not at all as advertised? With instant communications at everyone’s fingertips, it’s more important than ever to give realistic expectations from the start.Your reputation is everything. Emphasize what makes you great, but be wary of too much sugarcoating. Give applicants the whole picture and let them decide if you are the right partner.
  4. Make it personal.Technology has made it so simple to automate processes that were once done by people. Recruiting is no exception. One-way interviews and online assessments make it possible to hire without ever interacting one-on-one with the candidate.Don’t underestimate the power of a personal conversation. Speaking directly with a candidate provides insights that can’t be gained otherwise. What drives that person? How do they react under pressure? What are they really looking for?All this will help you determine whether they fit into your culture, and if so, where specifically they should be.
  5. Take care of your own. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more helpful to a recruiter than a happy workforce. Happy workers love to share the source of their joy with the world—and unhappy workers tend to share it even louder.Who doesn’t want to like where they work? Keep lines of communication open and take steps to ensure your team does. Then draw attention to that in your advertising, online presence and even in your interviews.Let that positivity shine through and you will attract top-notch candidates who want to be happy, too.


Recognized by Glassdoor as an “OpenCompany”

Glassdoor, the website where workers review companies, gives the pros and cons about a workplace.

Working Solutions earned Glassdoor’s “OpenCompany” recognition, which speaks to its transparency as a company with which to work and do business. We believe such candor attracts better agents.

It’s worth knowing that employees and agents like working here—earning the company up to a four-star recommend rate. And that feeling comes through when they’re serving clients and their customers.


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How to Hire and Manage Remote Employees.

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