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The Trust Factor: Why Live Agents Still Matter to 95% of Consumers

While AI and automation are the biggest trend in customer experience, one thing remains clear: consumers still crave the human touch when it comes to customer support. According to recent surveys, a staggering 95% of consumers expect access to live agents in at least some cases, with 65% believing that live agents should be available for most inquiries. This unwavering trust in live agents underscores their enduring importance in the realm of customer support. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons behind this trust factor and discuss strategies for enhancing the live agent experience to boost customer trust and satisfaction.

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The Value of Human Connection

The preference for live agents is not an indictment of self-service options or an aversion to technological advancements. Rather, it reflects the fundamental human need for connection and empathy, especially when faced with complex or emotionally charged issues. While automation and AI-driven solutions have undoubtedly streamlined many aspects of customer service, they often lack the nuance and emotional intelligence that live agents bring to the table.

Empathy and Understanding

Live agents have the unique ability to empathize with customers, offering a listening ear and tailored responses. This human touch can make a world of difference when customers are dealing with sensitive matters or seeking personalized solutions.

Complex Problem Solving

Not all customer inquiries are straightforward. Complex issues often require creative problem-solving, and live agents excel in navigating these challenges. They can adapt to unique situations, providing solutions that automated systems might miss.

Building Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of customer relationships. Live agents can establish trust through genuine interactions, leaving customers feeling valued and understood. This trust often leads to long-term loyalty.


Avoiding the Pitfalls of Over-Automation

In the quest for efficiency and cost savings, some brands have made the mistake of pushing customers toward self-service options, sometimes to the detriment of the customer experience. While self-service has its merits, it should complement, not replace, live agent support. Brands must be cautious not to eliminate the live support option entirely, as it can erode customer trust.

Educating Customers

To reduce reliance on live agents, brands can educate customers about the value and convenience of self-service options. When customers consistently experience the same level of support and resolution in self-service channels, they are more likely to embrace them willingly.

Balancing Options

Striking the right balance between live support and self-service is crucial. Brands should ensure that both channels coexist harmoniously, allowing customers to choose the most suitable option based on their needs.


Enhancing the Live Agent Experience

To capitalize on the trust consumers place in live agents, brands can employ several strategies to enhance the live agent experience, ultimately boosting customer trust and satisfaction.

Invest in Training

Provide comprehensive training to live agents to equip them with the skills required to excel in customer interactions. Focus on empathy, active listening, problem-solving, and product knowledge.


Encourage live agents to personalize interactions by using customer names and referring to past interactions or preferences. This personal touch creates a deeper connection.

Efficiency and Speed

While personalization is vital, customers also value quick resolutions. Implement tools and technology that help live agents streamline their workflows without compromising quality.

Feedback Loop

Establish a feedback mechanism to collect customer opinions and agent performance data. Use this feedback to continuously improve the live agent experience.

Seamless Omnichannel Support

Ensure a seamless transition between self-service and live agent support. Customers should have the option to escalate their inquiries to live agents effortlessly when needed.

The trust factor in live agents remains strong among consumers, underscoring the enduring importance of human connection in customer service. Brands that recognize this trust and prioritize the live agent experience will not only maintain customer loyalty but also foster stronger, long-lasting relationships. By striking a balance between automation and live support, educating customers about self-service options, and continuously improving the live agent experience, brands can navigate the evolving landscape of customer service successfully while keeping the “human” in “human connection.”

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