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How to Improve Customer Experience with On-Demand Contact Center Services

How to improve customer experience in an era of rapidly evolving tech and instant gratification? Here are 5 key ways on-demand contact center services can help.

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As technology enables ever-faster and more varied means of customer communication and interaction, cultivating a superior customer experience becomes a competitive necessity for most businesses. Simply responding to basic customer needs, such as incoming calls and outgoing emails, doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s consumer demands instant access to knowledgeable agents.

For many businesses, though, providing a high-level experience is a true challenge. It’s an increasingly daunting task to keep up with all the required communications channels—involving everything from landline phones and SMS messaging to Instagram and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)—as is the prospect of offer instant availability for your customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Enter on-demand contact center services, which provide businesses with the means to offer a superior customer experience—without the commensurate investment in technology and employee hours. Also called contact center as a service (CCaS), the on-demand contact center is an outsourced solution that lets leaders entrust the process to experts with the means and skills to effectively communicate in all the places today’s customers congregate.

5 Ways On-demand Contact Center Services Can Improve Customer Experience

So how exactly do on-demand contact center services actively improve the customer experience?

1. Access to all the Digital Tools You Need. An on-demand contact center can provide instant, sophisticated access to all the channels where people might want to interact with you—from dedicated phone lines and customer service emails to online contact forms, text messages, video chat, webchat, social media and more. It’s a long list of technologies and a constantly evolving one. (By the time you read this, there’ll probably already be new additions.)

This means not just utilization, but expert management. It means treating each customer as a priority, and fielding inquiries in the way they prefer. It means always having the latest version of any necessary tech. And it includes the use of agents skilled in using each of these methods, and who are available when and where your customers need to speak to them.

2. Industry Knowledgeability and Branding Know-how. Partnering with a highly experienced on-demand contact center service provider also ensures access to agents specially trained in the ins and outs of your industry and business. They’ll follow any scripts or direction you provide to make sure all communications are clear and on point, in every possible situation.

Besides facilitating a better access to customers, this factor also results is a more consistent overall brand image for your business. You’re likely to enjoy a higher level of satisfaction from customers who appreciate having their requests met and questions answered quickly to their benefit.

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3. Meeting Increased Demand in Times of Need. Offering a superior customer experience requires the ability to meet all requests quickly and effectively, even during times of heightened need or infrastructural stress. That means weathering all types of fluctuations—seasonal spikes in consumer activity, natural emergencies, such as hurricanes or wildfires, and industry-specific peaks, including summer travel.

But offering a seamless customer experience throughout the year, with no noticeable disruption even during extraordinary times, is almost impossible without the assistance of contact center experts. Because the on-demand model makes use of freelance agents, they can be scaled up or down as needed, without burdening you with the additional cost of year-round employment.

4. Access to World-class Agents In the U.S. and Canada. For businesses that choose to run an on-site call center, the quality of the agents they’ll be able to employ is usually limited to their specific geographic region. But using on-demand contact center services means getting access to a nationwide network of freelance agents —the best the industry has to offer, who have chosen their line of work and are highly motivated as independent contractors.

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They’re also trained to know your business, inside and out. Courteous, patient and helpful, they’re consummate customer service professionals, equally skilled in offering informative responses and unobtrusive upselling. The best on-demand contact center service providers offer agents that correspond to your own company’s customer base—onshore reps for U.S.-directed businesses, for example.

5. A Predictive, Proactive Customer Experience. Technology enables much more than access to customers across multiple channels. It also provides an unprecedented opportunity to monitor your milestones and define (and redefine) success.

On-demand contact center services include sophisticated analytical prowess that lets you constantly refine your message and means of communication to get the best possible result. By anticipating customer requests with advanced analytical tools, you can predict trends in buyer behavior, making it possible to fulfill customer needs not yet articulated.

Trust Working Solutions to Improve Your Customer Experience

When it comes right down to it, only an on-demand contact center can truly give today’s businesses an expert, flexible way to improve customer experience. At Working Solutions, we know how to engage customers, and our CSAT scores show it. We rank about 13% higher than the industry average for outsourced customer service.


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