Ensuring Business Outcomes

What gets measured gets managed—and improved.

Net It Out

We measure performance—from program development to agent engagement to business results. And we net it out in metrics that matter to you.

  • Program Development

    Certified educators assess agent development throughout program rollout to ensure proficiency.

  • Agent Performance

    Agent performance is continually monitored and improved through our proprietary portal, Vyne.

  • Client Results

    We work to your standards, measuring success in productivity and business outcomes.


  • Prepare

    • Expectations defined in deliverables
    • Agent goals refined throughout training
    • Proficiency tested before work begins
  • Perform

    • Analytical tools calibrated to outcomes
    • Results recorded, reported in real time
    • Agent portal, Vyne, monitors progress
  • Improve

    • Agent skills updated as needed
    • Feedback baked into performance
    • New business opportunities identified

Got game? Run the numbers.

Numbers. Gotta make ‘em. Fewer dropped calls. Faster handle times. More satisfied customers. We make sure you got game—with analytics that add up for you.

In One Place—All at Once

Two years in development, Working Solutions launched a one-stop shop for improved performance called Vyne.

A productivity tool, Vyne stands for Virtual Yield Network Engagement. The portal gives a clear line of sight—from agent performance right on through to customer satisfaction.

Agents access scheduling, engage with colleagues, gain insight into client programs, review their metrics and adjust for feedback. It enables them to be smart, in one place—all at once.

  • Reflects investment in our agent network—to recruit, develop and deliver the best talent.

  • Benefits agents and the business—from real-time updates to long-term planning.

  • Enables us to be more responsive, competitive—in serving you and your customers.

Manage your business metrics to success.