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Meet Operational Needs & Customer Demands

    • Customer-centric, technology agnostic platforms
    • Integrated, omnichannel communications including cloud and AI
    • 99.999% uptime for nonstop customer service

Are you leveraging the right technology to deliver the best possible service to your customers — the kind that ensures satisfaction and loyalty?

Is your IT scalable and versatile enough to meet service spikes or weather disaster-related disruptions without downtime or added cost?

Are you using multiple, dispersed data centers to ensure uptime during local disasters, outages or labor shortages?

Optimized for Multichannel

Customer experience has never been more tech-based. From the hardware that powers and carries communications to the software that connects you with people on dozens of channels to the security that protects it all, your CX is only as good as the technology it’s built upon.

57% of customer rather use
digital media to contact companies
90% of consumers expect an
online portal for CX
33% of customers use social media
to contact companies

Is your technology up to task?

Ensure uptime and secure against unexpected outages with a diversified technology approach.

  • Multiple, dispersed data centers—all backed up by disaster recovery, redundancy and failover
  • Clearer understanding of the customer journey to identify bottlenecks and bounce triggers
  • Behavior predictions to expand relationships with existing customers and provide essential insights for entering new markets
  • Tools to create a personalized CX and turn casual shoppers into lifelong brand advocates

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Technology Features

Full-scale enterprise technology solutions delivered, from multichannel expertise to an agnostic approach that prioritizes your preferred processes.

Adaptive, Agnostic Technology

When it comes to technology platforms and software, we have preferences, earned from decades of collective experience. But we also understand the necessity of adaptation — whatever system you currently use or prefer, we’ll work to integrate it into your new CX enterprise IT solutions.

With 25 years of experience we can put together the most effective combination of infrastructure and security solutions to better protect you and your customers (and theirs, too).

Integrate Seamlessly

We live in the age of all-in-one communications— a multichannel world, where folks of all ages communicate on a constantly growing list of tech platforms that includes email, instant messenger and Zoom to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more.

It isn’t enough to reach these customers. With our technology and expertise, you can also engage them based on their preferences and demographics. Our advanced analytics tools give you the data you need to get the most from every relationship.

From self-care tools and AI chatbots to a predictive and responsive routing system that makes sure customers who need live assistance get it ASAP, every channel is an interlocking piece of a much larger picture.

Secure Sensitive Data

Designed to withstand conceivable threats to data security, our cloud-based virtual network is available to secure your communications or IT infrastructure, online transactions and more.

From Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) Level 1 certification for online payments to HIPAA compliance for healthcare and more, trust our compliance experts to make sure you’re meeting your industry’s required safeguards and standards.

Proud Bright Pattern Partner

We’re proud to work with Bright Pattern, an omnichannel platform that ranks No. 2 among 100 products evaluated by Software Advice, a Gartner company. Quality assured and omnichannel-ready, Bright Pattern helps ensure our versatility to measure up to whatever your business needs.

Downsize your tech spend without sacrificing quality

4 Reasons to Consider Technology BPO Outsourcing

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, certain key business functions—everything from sales and marketing to accounting, order fulfillment and technology—can now easily be managed from a remote location. For many businesses, BPO has become an important way to reduce expenses and streamline operations to gain focus and achieve economies of scale.

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Technology-Centered Reads

Take advantage of our decades of expertise to better serve your operational and customer service needs.