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2021’s Biggest Staffing Trend for Customer Experience

The key to any successful customer experience is a team of expert empathetic agents. And the stakes are high, according to a recent survey, as “33% of customers surveyed would consider switching companies immediately after poor service.” That means you only have one chance to get it right. This trend indicates that customer experience is more valuable than price or product, according to research by Walker. In this new age of a highly-skilled remote workforce, it’s imperative that agents are prepared to handle this shift in an expedient and efficient manner.

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Remote work is here to stay, as many companies are planning to move some of their previous on-site workforce to permanently remote positions after the pandemic. “This data is an example of the lasting impact the current coronavirus crisis will have on the way companies do business,” said Alexander Bant, practice vice president, research for the Gartner Finance Practice. 48.6% of more than 1,000 CIOs surveyed reported that productivity has improved since the beginning of their remote work practice, a clear indication of a paradigm shift.


The Adaptive Approach

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Establishing a personal connection goes a long way in a successful customer interaction. And those people on the other end of the phone are expecting not only a unique experience, but also ways to fulfill their needs quickly. That makes for a fine balancing act between human interaction and automation. Give your customers the opportunity to easily find their way to a real human voice if they want one. And finally, take the time to check in with your clients to discuss real-time solutions to improve your service from those who use it. It’s an opportunity to stand out from your competition.


Tools & Training

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It’s time to get real. Look at your training methodology, your technical support and firm up your weaknesses. Track productivity and learn where the gaps are. Research the best ways to onboard new employees and determine methods to keep your current workforce up to date on skills. If you outsource customer support, make sure your partner uses best practices for comunication and education. Check in with your agents, be they employees or outsourced contractors, to see where they are struggling and together work on a path to resolution.


Agent Experience

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Businesses have become more focused on the employee and independent contractor experience. This is the best way to find, develop and retain top talent, which is crucial to keeping a competitive advantage in a pivotal era. Open lines of communication and empathy from leadership fosters trust and helps your employees and contractors feel valued. Transparency is no longer a pipe dream. It’s a clear expectation.

Properly trained agents who are happy in their roles make all the difference for a successful customer experience. Take the time to invest the best of your technology, tools and training to help your agents be the best at what they do, and their confidence in your brand will spread to your customers as well.

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