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4 Expert Tips for Educating, Engaging Remote Workforces

Remote workforces came of age en masse during the pandemic. Now, they are transforming from short-term fixes into long-term labor solutions for companies, big and small.

Today’s stories tell the tale of businesses born again, from Forbes reporting about the new-age permanence of remote workers to Fast Company predicting about the remote work revolution.

While this might be news to some organizations, they are yesterday’s headlines to Kim Houlne, chief executive of Working Solutions, an on-demand contact center outsourcer. For 25 years, the company she founded has developed and educated remote workforces for customer service and sales.

In her Entrepreneur thought leadership piece, “How to Get Into the Business of Teaching Business Online,” Houlne lays out four fundamentals for engaging remote workers.

These principles are essential for enterprises wanting to do well in a far-flung business world. For them, Houlne advises:

    1. Install a robust technology infrastructure to enable nonstop operations from home.
    2. Provide virtual education to enable them to perform for clients and their customers.
    3. Create a caring culture, where workers feel valued and will reciprocate in kind.
    4. Invest for the long term, offering them ongoing virtual development.

Added together, Houlne believes remote workforces succeed when team members bond from afar through integrated processes, common values and shared goals. This oneness creates a sense of community, unity and greater purpose—no matter where business gets done.

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