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Tough Times Call for Executive Insight

In a recent CEOWorld Magazine viewpoint, chief executive Kim Houlne turns decades of experience into practical business lessons for leaders to deal with these trouble times.

Kim Houlne CEOWorld Magazine

Houlne, who has led her own private company for 24 years, draws from personal ups and downs to guide others during the pandemic in the piece, “Courage in the Face of Uncertainty: Five Lessons for Today’s CEO.

As the founder of an on-demand contact center business, Houlne advises senior executives to:

  1. Innovate during downtime, inventing “in the moment (no matter how dire).”
  2. Stay close to the front lines, reaching out to “one person, one place, one day at a time.”
  3. Embrace emotional intelligence, showing “genuine interest for your team and community.”
  4. Take a hard look at your business model, adapting one that “cuts an even line through economic upticks and downturns.”
  5. Find and be a mentor, pointing out: “We’re all indebted to someone. So return the favor, especially these days.”

Houlne outlines how lessons learned can be reapplied to help leaders hold fast, and even gain ground, whatever the circumstances.

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