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The Value of Customer Loyalty


Customer Loyalty

Often in sales-focused organizations, a lot of time, money and effort are placed in acquiring new customers, even though the resources required to retain existing clients are significantly less. By simply changing your focus from sales or retention to instead building relationships with existing clientele, you’ll have more than just a customer—you’ll have customer loyalty.

Why is customer loyalty important? Put simply: value. Loyal customers believe that you provide value they cannot get elsewhere. These customers become champions for your company, recommending it to others with needs for your service. For you, long-term customers providing consistent referrals means that you have built a growing, successful company.

In an outsourced call center environment, there’s an additional factor to address. We not only have to exceed our clients’ expectations—we have to exceed their customers’ expectations as well. Knowledge about a company’s products, specials, rules and policies must be consistent between their internal team and ours to guarantee a seamless experience, thereby building customer loyalty for our clients.

During a recent interview, SMU Professor of Marketing Daniel J. Howard, PhD, shared, “The way that you facilitate brand loyalty is by consistently meeting your promise to the consumer over time. Again and again and again.” By consistently providing excellent service to our clients’ customers, we create customers for life—for them, and for Working Solutions.

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