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Staying Close to the Front Lines

In the past year and a half, remote work went from being a nice-to-have, practiced by select companies, to becoming a wide-scale business necessity, dictated by the pandemic.

Looking up at modern business buildings reaching towards the sky

Kim Houlne, who founded Working Solutions 25 years ago, knows the virtual workplace well—with a network of 150,000+ remote contact agents across the United States and Canada.

As she writes in the recent Entrepreneur Insider: “Operating remotely requires not only the right mechanics, such as solid connectivity and efficient workflow. Logistics aside, it also takes engagement at all levels. Wherever the work gets done. The idea being a dispersed workforce, but never a detached one.”

Rooted in a caring culture, the company that Houlne started and still runs relies on staying close to workers, employees and contractors, on the front lines. She realizes the human touch, combined with virtual processes, are both vital for any remote business operation today and in the future.

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