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Changing the Game of CX Education: Tamara’s Journey to Setting Industry Standards

Once in a while, we come across someone whose passion and innovation knows no bounds. Tamara Schroer is one of those people. Tamara’s journey from working with at-risk youth at Boys Town outside of Omaha, Nebraska, to becoming the Vice President of Education and Development at Working Solutions is a testament to the power of passion and taking risks.

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In a recent interview on the “Become an IDOL” podcast with Robin Sargent, founder and president of IDOL Courses Academy, Tamara shared her expertise in virtual learning and corporate education. She also discussed her traditional teaching background and how it led to an extensive career educating and designing effective learning experiences for on-demand, virtual workforces.

What’s remarkable about Tamara is that she took a risk on a career in a field she had no prior experience in. But with a passion for teaching and designing, she excelled and now employs strategic learning techniques for customer service business processing outsourcing (BPO) that have become industry standards. From gamification to virtual-classroom instruction, she’s created a unique blueprint that has elevated the quality and content mastery of customer service education.

At Working Solutions University, Tamara and her team of college-degreed educators immerse thousands of independent contractors in clients’ customer-experience businesses. They take the company’s service-training curriculum and virtualize it, creating an on-demand CX operation in the image of the client. The result? A team of contact center agents that serve over 100,000 customers a day.

Tamara’s philosophy on education is one that we could all learn from. “We don’t need four walls to have good instruction,” she says. Her teacher-led learning must be as fluid and free-range as the thousands of agents spread across the United States and Canada. And her message to aspiring instructional designers? “Everything’s in the stars; don’t hold yourself back. If you have the passion and the will, go for it.”

To hear Tamara’s full podcast interview and read the transcript, click here!

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