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8 Ways Back-Office Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Business

You’ve worked hard to put in place a great customer service strategy. If you’re lucky — and if you’ve followed some of the best practices outlined by our experts on our blog — you’re seeing the fruits of that work with the increased sales activity and operational growth that goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Now, the question is: Do you have the administrative tools and resources you need to keep up with this growth?

Back-office outsourcing can benefit a business in several ways. The simple fact is, more customers mean more order fulfillment, more data entry, more claims processing, and more administrative legwork in general. As simple and mundane as these back-office tasks may seem, they’re also not to be taken lightly. Carrying them out as flawlessly as possible is essential to making sure that your business has the power to keep growing and gaining new customers.

Yet, back-office tasks aren’t just mundane, they can be downright expensive, too — not to mention time-consuming. It also can be difficult to find professionals who have real passion and expertise for carrying them out, particularly if you happen to be located in an area where the local talent pool is somewhat limited.

That’s why so many of today’s leaders are choosing back-office outsourcing to help ensure all of their administrative bases are covered while they continue to focus on expanding their businesses. And if you’re unsure about whether that’s the right move, just consider these eight important benefits of back-office outsourcing.

8 Benefits of Back-Office Outsourcing

#1: Operational Efficiency

First and foremost, back-office outsourcing helps you streamline many important and resource-intensive aspects of your operations. The fulfillment of tasks — ranging from basic data entry to advanced claims management and order delivery — is compressed into a single, simple deliverable. That frees up time for you to do what you do best: Focus on managing your core business.


#2: Cost Savings by Outsourcing and the Freedom to Grow

When you outsource back-office tasks, you avoid the obligation of funding an entire team of administrators or maintaining expensive infrastructure. Consolidating back-office fulfillment into a single line item on your budget not only reduces your overhead costs, but also frees up capital to invest in other aspects of growing your business. Outsourcing back-office tasks can also save a significant amount of money compared to hiring and training in-house staff. Businesses can see cost and time savings on recruitment and training. This is because outsourcing companies already have their staff trained and ready to work on specific tasks.


#3: Risk Management and Compliance

Tasks, such as order fulfillment and data entry, may seem mundane. Yet, few things are as disruptive when they’re botched. Hardware failures or network outages that lead to downtime on your website or communications servers can be similarly disastrous. Outsourcing your back-office tasks means taking an important step toward avoiding the possibility of suffering from this kind of disruption. Outsourcing can help businesses manage risks associated with certain back-office tasks, such as data security and compliance. Outsourcing companies can help businesses comply with laws and regulations that are specific to their industry or location.


#4: Instant Access to Expert Talent 24/7

Back-office outsourcing gives you instant access to highly specialized professionals, without the need to rely on your own regional labor pool or HR processes to find them. These are workers who are meticulously trained, not just in industry standards, but also the finer points of your specific business — and available at a much lower price point than directly employing them. Outsourcing can help businesses operate on a 24/7 schedule, which can be beneficial for businesses that serve customers in different time zones or need to operate round-the-clock. Outsourcing can give businesses access to professionals who are fluent in multiple languages. Such language skills can be helpful for businesses that operate in multilingual environments.


#5: Improved Technology

Confidence to trust your tech to the experts. Besides eliminating the sometimes prohibitive cost of buying and continuously updating the hardware and software needed for important tasks, such as data entry and order fulfillment, back-office outsourcing also takes the burden of understanding the finer points of today’s constantly changing tech. It instead places the responsibility on the shoulders of true experts who live, eat and breathe IT. Outsourcing companies often have access to the latest technology and tools, which can help businesses stay competitive and improve their overall operations.


#6: Outsourcing for Flexibility and Scalability

A dedicated, back-office partner gives you the ability to scale up or down without the need to hire or lay off permanent staff, according to your immediate operational needs, at any given time, at no additional cost to you. That means seasonal spikes in activity are easily covered without the need to hire temp workers. Similarly, periods of low activity won’t require laying off skilled workers you may have spent years training. Outsourcing gives businesses the flexibility to choose which tasks to outsource and when, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.


#7: Easing the Burden of Ad Hoc Tasks

One of the biggest frustrations of back-office management can be the ad hoc tasks that spring up at inconvenient times. Instead of burdening your staff with them (or hiring temps who may be less than committed to excellence), back-office outsourcing means you’ll always have a resource standing by to ensure ad hoc tasks are fulfilled speedily and effectively, without taking an undue toll on your productivity. Businesses outsourcing certain back-office tasks will benefit from improved customer service, which can free up time and resources for businesses to focus on improving customer service.


#8: Ensuring Cyber Security

In our hyper-connected era, data security is a big deal: A survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 87% of consumers say they’d avoid shopping with a business if they don’t trust that it’s responsibly handling their private data. Engaging an industry leader for back-office outsourcing means putting in place the industry’s most advanced, data-security methodologies.



Back-office outsourcing can provide numerous benefits for businesses, including cost savings, access to expertise, increased efficiency, scalability, flexibility, improved customer service, risk management, and improved technology. Outsourcing can also allow businesses to operate on a 24/7 schedule, access to professionals fluent in multiple languages, compliance with specific laws and regulations, and cost and time savings on recruitment and training. With back-office outsourcing, businesses can focus on their core competencies and leave the back-office tasks to the experts. This can help businesses streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and ultimately drive growth and profitability. Additionally, outsourcing companies have the resources, experience and technology to handle tasks more efficiently than in-house staff, which can lead to increased productivity and improved business operations. Outsourcing also allows businesses to scale up or down their back-office operations as needed, without the need to hire or lay off permanent staff.

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