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Back-office Support

Our back-office expertise scales to your business, streamlines operations and enables you to focus on what you do best.

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The modern contact center is defined by its ability to communicate on an omnichannel strategy—text, voice, email or social networks. You name it. Wherever customers congregate, they communicate. And if you’re not there, you’re probably missing out.

Navigating all these channels may seem like a logistical headache, or worse, a real-life nightmare. But worry not. On top of communicating to your network, we handle all the back-office support necessary to ensure steadfast service and success.

Back-office Support Solutions

We ensure well-run operations. Why settle for anything less?

Claims Management

From product warranties to health claims, your administrative details are in good hands. Qualify and process healthcare claims. Administration of insurance protection services. Handling and renewal of product warranties.

Request Fulfillment

Tired of the administrative burden of processes like order fulfillment? We can help with full delivery of your products or services. Accepting orders via multiple channels. Handling of all billing and service inquiries.

Data Entry

Uncommon attention to detail and quality control is our data entry standard. Using our own proprietary technology and highly skilled professionals, we ensure your commonplace back office tasks are performed with extraordinary accuracy.


Looking for full back-end support or just a niche solution? Either way, you’re covered. With a customized plan to fulfill your operational needs. Services range from transcription to transaction processing. If it’s not your expertise, we’ll own it for you.

Great Service Delivered in Big Numbers

Solutions mean nothing if there aren’t numbers to back them up. We got ‘em.


Our specialists ensure accurate data entry and complete authorization from customer information, making certain that deadlines are met.


Agents process intricate, multipage documents from customers every month for one client—all done in less than 24-hour turnaround.

< 2%

That’s the data-error rate in handling millions of complex documents--with an end-goal of zero mistakes.


Healthcare and insurance can be a real pain. We excel at managing complex claims for both, simplifying care and coverage for policy holders.


Average number of claims paid, tracked down or denied for one insurance client—month after month.

100+ M

Running tally of claims handled for clients’ customers—23 years of high-tech, touch-touch service.


Our experts qualify prospects and direct customers to insurance companies best suited to meet their individual needs.

2.8+ M

Customers served a year for this client—verifying leads for auto, home and health insurance quotes.

200+ M

Quotes processed for dozens of clients since we began our business back in 1996—and 2019 isn’t even over yet.

Success Stories

That’s Racin'

Our client, a NASCAR-sanctioned supplier, transmitted live conversations between drivers and pit crews to race fans. But first, any expletives needed to be deleted before transmissions went out. Our solution: Agents passionate about racing, with fast fingers and sharp ears.

Scale to your business, streamline operations and focus on what you do best.

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