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2021’s Biggest Brand Trend for Customer Experience – Consumer Trust

Consumer trust is the most important attribute of any successful brand. And it should always be a top priority, if not the top priority, for any business. Positive interactions with your company—in every capacity—build trust and brand integrity. In fact, leading business research analyst Forrester calls it “the most important metric of success.”

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So, how do you build consumer trust? The two key elements are ethical conduct and effectiveness, according to Edelman’s 2021 Trust Barometer. That means authentic, consistent experiences with your brand, and when customers do reach out, positively solving their issues. Customers are twice as likely to purchase from a brand they already trust. Other factors include customer experience (56%), product experience (87%) and social impact (38%).

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Something else to consider—consumers buy based on their own intrinsic values. A brand’s core values are now more important in gaining and retaining customer trust. Customers want to align their purchases with their principles. They look for brands that are ethically responsible, ones that address cultural and global concerns with a sense of action and stand behind what they say and do.

Staying on top of consumer issues and adapting to address them should be a constant. We’ve all learned in the last few years to pivot and modify, and that’s not going to change. Things move fast, and you must keep up with what your consumers are demanding. Listen to what your salespeople are hearing from the front lines. How do you position your brand to respond appropriately?

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Start with presenting yourself as a partner. Without your customers, you are nothing. Get in the weeds with them. Do you need to consolidate or update your tech capabilities? Forrester predicts “digital service interactions will increase by 40%” in this year alone. Do you need more customer service agents or AI technology? Work with your teams to discover ways to innovate.

And invest in your employees and agents. Offer new ways to educate and develop your existing team. Add soft skills because those translate to better customer interactions. When your team is engaged in their work, it pays off in retention—for employees and agents and for consumers.

Remember, every interaction with your company affects consumer trust. With planning, development and keeping an ear to the ground, you can build a lasting relationship with every follower of your brand.

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