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Tracey Sloan

Tracey Sloan

Vice President, Innovative Solutions and Support

Tracey Sloan turned her high-touch employee relations degree into high-tech contact center expertise. And it happened more than 20 years ago at the Ford Motor Company’s worldwide helpdesk.

Computer science grads working there had little patience for customer service. Enter Tracey, as team leader at Compuware Corporation, managing the helpdesk’s day-to-day operations. She introduced customer care into the calls—and it worked. Tracey later applied this approach at a 300-seat call center as senior program manager for GE TechTeam, responsible for client relations for seven different Hewlett-Packard programs.

Joining Working Solutions in 2000, she led its virtual contact center operations. Over 13 years, Tracey ran or consulted on delivering 85 client programs—ranging from inbound and outbound work, technical support, program retention, sales and market research. Today as vice president of innovative solutions and support, she makes sure agents are well equipped—in both high tech and high touch.