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Steadfast Service

Founded in 1996, Working Solutions began as an idea that sparked an entire industry—work-at-home contact center services. Thanks to its founder Kim Houlne, now president and chief executive.

The company’s first project handled inbound and outbound calls for a city government. To recruit remote agents, Kim launched a website at a time when the Internet did not have Google, YouTube or Facebook—becoming one of the first virtual workforce companies in history.

Today, the original Working Solutions home office, complete with desk and credenza, is set up at our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. First located in Omaha, Nebraska, the office cost $1,000.

It reminds us of where everything began, helping clients and their customers. Twenty years later, the office stands for steadfast service, which guides the company today. Invested well, a thousand dollars goes a long way.

“Agents identify with clients and their customers — personifying the brands we represent.”

Kim Houlne
President and Chief Executive

Client Success

Viva Virtual

A well-known hospitality client needed specialists to sell travel packages for customers booking trips to Las Vegas.

In our virtual network, we found agents who lived in Vegas or traveled there. They knew the best places to visit and stay, which they shared with customers.

Results: In-touch travelers and increased order values.