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April Wiita

April Wiita

Vice President, Program Success

As vice president of Program Success at Working Solutions, April Wiita’s title defines her work: Ensuring ever-ready, up-and-running service for client’s customers. Her team leverages artificial intelligence and intelligent agents to create efficient, empathetic CX.

She leads on-demand contact center operations for clients across the United States and in Canada. Over the years, April has directed remote workforces in the face of hurricanes, wildfires and blizzards.

Following a major winter storm in 2022, she marshaled a CX workforce to process 250,000+ customer-support tickets in short order. The quick-turn performance exceeded the client’s expectations for speed and engagement.

The anticipated case completion rate was projected at 10 an hour. Working Solutions, however, increased it by 50%—delivering, on average, 15 closed cases every 60 minutes. And it was done with an accuracy rate of more than 95% to boot.

Within a compressed five-day window, agents closed 250,000+ open customer support cases. Given that success rate, the client then asked for help with escalated cases and duplicates.

“Sometimes, there’s just no let-up,” April said. “Whether it’s predictive planning or rapid response, the right processes and professional agents enable you to handle the direst situations.”