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Power of High-tech and High-touch Service for Retail

COVID-19 accelerates the need for great online customer service while compounding retailers’ abilities to ensure the best experiences.

CEO Kim Houlne being mentioned on CRM

Kim Houlne, chief executive of contact center leader Working Solutions, acknowledges this ongoing disease-and-digital dilemma in her viewpoint, “The Key to E-Commerce Success: Blending Artificial Intelligence with Intelligent (Human) Agents,” posted on destinationCRM.

As evidence, Houlne points to a cross-industry study this year of about a million customer-service calls, where “some businesses had hold times balloon by as much as 34 percent and escalations (calls sent up the chain of command) skyrocket more than 68 percent.” Not good.

The ongoing pandemic pulls more pressure on companies to perform well, and stellar customer service is key to reducing churn and sustaining satisfaction.

She believes that articulate service agents, coupled with well-integrated artificial intelligence, can offer balanced-and-blended solutions to handle customer needs. The high-tech-to-high-touch handoff of retailers’ dreams.

States Houlne: “COVID-19 and online buying have upped the ante at both ends of end-to-end. By its very nature, artificial intelligence requires intelligent agents to interact with the latest IT—and to do it while empathizing with customers and thinking outside the digital box.”

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