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Who Has the Best (& Worst) Retail Customer Service?

Today’s savvy consumers are quick to praise – or condemn – brands where they have impactful customer experiences (CX). If problems are solved quickly by professional, empathetic agents, they’ll happily share their encounter, either by word-of-mouth or on social media. That’s why it’s so critical to develop a comprehensive customer service support framework within a multichannel CX. Whatever the result, businesses can learn from this valuable feedback and use it to help further customer growth and retention.

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So, what constitutes good customer service? Any combination of omnichannel support (meeting your customer wherever they engage with you, via online, chat, social, etc.), empathetic agents, quick resolution to issues, and self-service options, among others.

Research indicates CX should be a priority for any company’s survival. According to recent data, 58% of consumers will sever a relationship with a business due to poor customer service. And 55% of consumers have a higher expectation for customer service than just one year ago. That’s significant. Here’s a short list of the retail stores that consistently provide the best customer service.


Best Retail Customer Service Companies

Brick & Mortar

  • Costco – Though they offer high quality brands (including their own) and low prices, Costco members stay loyal because of favorable return policies, self-service options and helpful employees.
  • True Value Hardware – The home improvement retailer offers a wide variety of products with a personal touch.
  • REI – REI employees are just as passionate about the outdoors as their customers. That creates unparalleled loyalty.
  • PetSmart – The full-service pet store chain promotes personalized offers based on purchases, creating higher engagement.
  • Starbucks – The green mermaid company is constantly innovating to better serve customers, through delivery options, apps, and rewards.


  • AmazonFresh – Another tech giant with the money to spend on constant innovation of services, delivery, and products.
  • Apple – Customers are seldom disappointed with the quality of products at this Silicon Valley behemoth.
  • Spotify – Personalization is spot on here as they tweet individualized playlists with answers to those users who send inquiries on social media.
  • Hilton – Voted most sustainable hotel chain, Hilton savvily treats their employees with the same care as their guests.
  • Lyft – The ride share app stays on top of current affairs and modifies experiences accordingly, including pandemic and immigration issues. This is appealing to younger generations who support brands with a purpose.


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Consumers have so many choices out there, so to stand out, ensure your CX experience is out of this world. Premier customer service support is vital to the health, wealth, and success of your business. Make it a priority!

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