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What’s Missing from Your Customer Experience?

Customer Experience (CX) is any type of interaction between customers and a business. That encompasses any touchpoint along the way, be it a customer service interaction, a website visit or social media post – and everything in between. Any sort of dealings with a company has an impact on the people who come into contact with it, be it positive or negative. It’s a complex series of interactions which can make or break your brand.

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Planning your customer experience helps ensure that every touchpoint is a positive event. Your plans should include frequent reviews to assess success and to adjust where things could improve. Customers’ expectations are more demanding than ever, so while they can easily share their positive interactions with your business, they are also more likely to convey a negative association as well. So how do you prepare an effective strategy? Let’s break it down.

Scalability: Always Be Available

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Meeting customer demands and expectations requires anticipating needs. Scale your service levels to easily accommodate what your customers require from you. If a customer has to wait a long time for service, or if they have to muddle through a litany of menu options just to get to a live person, it is going to affect the way they feel about your business. Companies need to be incredibly responsive, answering every single interaction, from customer service calls to social media issues to website queries. Additionally, customers expect stellar service no matter the time of year. Your busy season is irrelevant to them; they want to have their needs met expeditiously whenever they reach out.


Brand Recognition: Customer Service Agents as Brand Ambassadors

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Imagine having someone talk about you who knows nothing about the way you work or what you stand for as a company. If your agents aren’t brand experts and know how to use your voice correctly, it could be very damaging for your success. Training your teams to speak the right vernacular, be open and empathetic, and remember how it feels to be in the customer’s position is crucial to your ongoing success and bottom line.


Multi-Channel: Be Where Your Customers Are

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Customers may want to reach out at any point during their journey, and they will expect options as to how to communicate with you. Maybe it’s by phone with a friendly, knowledgeable agent, or by text, email or chat. Wherever they are, meet them there. And respond quickly to every interaction. Even if you don’t have an answer in that moment, communicating that you will find out and get back to them – and follow through – goes a long way towards brand trust and customer retention.


Feedback: Learn from Your Mistakes

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Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes. Authenticity is an attribute that is highly regarded. While customers may be quick to provide negative feedback, be open to listening and share how you plan to implement change. Use your data and insights to look at where the problems are, or where you could simply improve the experience, and check in often.

It’s Up to You to Create Positive Customer Experiences

Remember, any interaction can change your business. So, make sure it’s one that brings customers back and creates brand ambassadors, and always be authentic when addressing issues. A great CX interaction sets you up for happy customers who will remain loyal to your brand.

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