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What Does Customer Service Mean to You?

We know that customer service is key to long-term business success, but how exactly do we achieve exceptional assistance to our valued clients and their consumers?

Illustration of four customer service agents communicating virtually with customers

Representatives should be helpful, proactive, reliable, empathetic, easy-to-reach, and aligned with your brand. But remember- customer service is so much more than a friendly phone conversation. To better the customer experience, you must delight and exceed expectations at every interaction, whether through chatbots, agents, websites, or in-person interactions. After all, quality service is a surefire path to increased retention, higher customer satisfaction, recouped acquisition costs and new referral business.

Are you wondering how your business is performing for your customers? Here are some key milestones to strive for to turn them into loyal brand advocates and your best marketing assets.

What it Means to the Customer

Two women having a conversation in an office space

Shutterstock; Photo by fizkes

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, businesses are leveling up their one-on-one interactions to meet increasing consumer expectations. That’s why when a customer has an issue or a question, the response needs to be handled effectively in a way that is convenient for them while being consistent with your brand.


Get More Than Expected

Black male surprised and delighted as he gazes at his phone

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First, you want the customer to get more than what they need. If they had a question or issue, it should be either resolved or there should be a plan in place to fix the issue. Additionally, the entire interaction should be pleasant. Aim for seamless and expeditious service transitions, and for agents to go above and beyond to exceed user expectations.

Start by eliminating any barriers that inhibit effective and smooth communication. Everyone has different preferences and needs when it comes to customer service. Providing your customers with an array of options like chat, text, phone call, and email can help you connect with them in the way that’s most comfortable for them, leading to a seamless customer service experience.

Now that they’re connected on the platform of their choice , set their expectations. Let your customers know up front what their SLAs should be. For example, in a chat, you may give your customers an idea of where they are in the queue or how many minutes are left until an agent will be able to help them.

If an issue can’t be resolved immediately, provide a clear outline of what the next steps should be and when they can expect resolution. By committing to next steps and an anticipated resolution, the customer understands reasonable expectations and feel attended to in a definitive way.

When a customer reaches out, it’s usually because they are experiencing an issue or have a question. Sometimes these moments can be frustrating and hard to maneuver, but a good agent will know how to assess a situation, respond to it, and steer the conversation in a pleasant direction. It’s an opportunity to set yourselves apart and wow them with impeccable service that not only resolves the inquiry, but leaves them feeling happier than before the interaction. This is important for your business, because a happy customer may share their positive experience, thus promoting and strengthening your brand.

What it Means to the Business

Person holding a phone with an illustrated quote bubble that depicts a 5 star rating

Shutterstock; Photo by chainarong06

When you can create an exceptional and consistent customer experience, you are not only benefiting your customers but also your business itself. Good customer service will reduce your business costs, lower customer attrition, and increase customer retention. Most new business comes from existing customers, so it is worth investing in their happiness. You want your customers to be brand advocates and speak highly of your business, which hopefully leads to referrals and opportunities down the road.

While creating a seamless experience through every interaction benefits the customer, it also directly helps your business. Ensure the tools and technology you use to manage your customers are optimized for efficiency and accuracy. This helps you streamline your operations and responses to your customers which saves you time and money in the long run.

Lastly, let’s imagine the consequences of not investing in experienced agents and impeccable service. Can your business afford bad reviews, a downturn in referrals, and a loss of revenue? Even if you can survive a short-term loss, down the road no business with poor customer service is sustainable. While it’s a long-term investment, good customer service is critical to the success and health of your business.


The Brand is Well-Represented

Woman sitting on her couch with her laptop in her lap video chatting with a representative

Shutterstock; Photo by chalermphon_tiam

When a customer reaches out for assistance, they expect to talk to someone who is knowledgeable, professional and who works in a manner consistent with their brand experience. For example, if your brand voice is playful, energetic, and a little bit silly, then injecting those elements into the agent experience can help maintain that consistency, strengthening your customer’s connection to you. It is important that this brand voice is carried through and consistent throughout all interactions. Brand consistency leads to good reviews and high customer satisfaction scores.


Your Customers Spread the Word

Group or friends laughing and conversing over coffee in a cafe

Shutterstock; Photo by
Jacob Lund

The hallmark of a standout customer service program is when your customers become your best marketers and assets. Your goal should be to delight your customers so that they want to spread the word. Recommendations from trusted family and friends carry far more weight than any email campaign or banner ad can bring. When your customers are spreading the word, they keep your marketing flywheel running and help you recoup any upfront costs that were spent in acquiring their business.

If your company is growing fast and you want your customer service program to not just keep up, but surpass these key milestones, then you need a partner like Working Solutions. By scaling your customer service operations with a variety of programs from customized, multichannel CX to on-demand BPO, our virtual contact center network and platform can help you surpass your customer service goals.

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