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We do not accept applicants located outside of the United States and Canada.

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Your Ultimate Partner for Customer Service Outsourcing

To serve clients well, Working Solutions ranks among the best outsourced customer service providers in the contact center industry. Our business process outsourcing (BPO) produces excellent customer experiences (CX) for everyday commerce, unexpected events and long-range projects. A virtual network of 150,000+ professional agents scales to meet fluctuating demand, ensuring real-time flexibility for service and sales.

CX Performance Lagging? Boost Skills and Flexibility.

Workforce speed to proficiency and scalability make or break customer service. Agents must acclimate fast to perform well. And stay sharp to flex up and down for sustained service.

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Service Ops a Cost Center? Profit From Them Instead.

Inflation and a possible recession caused companies to tighten their belts and curtail customer service, seeing it as a cost center. Bad move. Better to optimize CX operations and turn a profit.

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Caught In a Crunch? Rev Up CX Solutions.

When the business goes sideways, customer experiences suffer. So, why not deploy quick-turn solutions that accelerate sales and service? Delivered in days and weeks—not months.

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Artificial Intelligence + Intelligent Agents = Elevated CX

Squeezed by budget cuts and labor shortages, businesses turn to artificial intelligence (AI) to economize and expedite service. AI, however, doesn’t always mesh with legacy IT for the best customer experiences. And technological upgrades can be expensive and disruptive.

Cost-effective, practical CX solutions are what’s needed. Such real-world benefits require blending automation and self-service for routine tasks with intelligent agents (IA) to solve complex issues.

We know the benefits of human-AI collaboration. We leverage both to improve sales and service for clients, making them more capable, empathetic and competitive.

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Empathetic Service – Living Life to the Fullest

It was a call from a man whose life was ending. He wanted to compile his bucket list. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, he asked the agent’s help to book concerts, shows and games—whatever entertainment she could find.

CX Consultation: Discover the Difference

Working Solutions will show you how we recruit on-demand workforces, educate them in the business, and perform to your expectations—down to the minute and metric. Contact us for a free consultation.

Solutions that Deliver

As a rule, clients should expect double-digit improvements when outsourcing CX operations. If not, then they should ask: “Why not?” Desired results include sharper analytics to target offerings, streamlined processes to accelerate business and customer insights to increase sales.

After nearly three decades, Working Solutions continues to perfect its virtual operations, fine-tuning them to deliver cost-effective customer service. On average, we optimize back-office support by 40%, reduce handle times by 25% and upsell 20% more.

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Cost-Savings Calculator

Want to reduce your call center operational costs? Take the first step today with us.

Our calculator can estimate reduced expenses by outsourcing customer service. Use the slider to find your weekly call volume and see the potential savings.

... Weekly call volume
... Annual cost savings over brick and mortar Contact Sales
Brick-and-mortar staffing FTEs ...
Working Solutions staffing FTEs ...

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In a recent survey, here’s what clients have to say.

Achieved Business Goals

Across the board, clients consistently hit the mark in making their objectives for sales and service. Validates the value of our partnerships.

Recommended by Clients

The vast majority give Working Solutions a top-rated net promoter score (NPS). Confirms the excellence of services delivered.

Reported Cost Reductions

Most clients gained substantial savings by outsourcing their customer service to us. Earns a good return on investment.

The Power of Human Empathy in Calming Customer Storms

Discover how we turned a catastrophic airline crisis into a triumph of compassion and fast resolution. Read the case study.

Don't take our word for it...

I was impressed by the rigorous training and onboarding and passing off to the operations team. It made me feel very secure that the people interacting with my customers were well prepared. This sets their clients up for success all along the way, and the results they produce are second to none.

– Director of Customer Care

With the support of the Working Solutions team, we have been able to meet the expected levels for KPIs consistently. The collaboration, adaptability, and responsiveness have all been key factors to ensure that our needs as a client and the needs of our patients/practices are met.

– Director Patient Services

For us to be successful, we need engaged partners who hold the same values that we do. Working Solutions hits all those check points. They have been extremely flexible during our relationship and are a true extension of our workforce. We value their partnership, and they are a great influence in our success.

– Sr Director Global Call Centers & Operations

Working Solutions successfully supported a client whose travel platform is used by more than a billion people around the world during times of growth and transition.

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At Working Solutions University, college-degreed educators immerse thousands of customer-service contractors in clients’ businesses.

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