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Cutting Costs in Contact Centers: Leveraging AI and Intelligent Agents

In this new age of artificial intelligence, we are working hand in hand with our clients to find ways to drive their AI to help keep them relevant and save costs. The key is to integrate our AI + IA solution.

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Improving the Customer Experience

We know the work we do with our clients is valuable, like helping them build better chatbots. Technology constantly changes, and you must find ways to stay one step ahead. That could include anything from incorporating new tools on the front line to continuously honing chat functionality so it feels like a real conversation or optimizing communication between leadership and staff or agents and customers. Fundamentally, it’s always about improving the customer experience.

Why AI + IA are Complementary

AI and Intelligent Agents must work together, side by side. I believe AI and IA are the yin and yang of service excellence. Automated service is not a standalone solution. Each complements the other and improves customer engagement.


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People Need People

Human involvement is essential for so many reasons. You get an intrinsic connection, emotional intelligence, and empathy from expert agents that AI can’t provide. People want to feel important, special, and valued. When dealing with delicate conversations and interactions, they need that personal touch.

The Benefits of AI

On the plus side, understanding and developing AI tools is an opportunity to continually level up on what will be needed in the future. When AI can come in and take over some of the basic functions that our agents deal with, it frees them up to do more for customers.

The Client is the Hero

It’s our number one goal to make our clients the hero of their companies. We want to help them save money, save time, be more efficient, and, most importantly, improve customer satisfaction. If you want to build a better chatbot, look at the data on the backend. Continue to refine it and bring in the agent’s voice, who can share what they are hearing on the front lines from your customers.

Keeping It Under Control

So, what about quality control in this environment? It would be easy to overlook what AI is doing and just let it roll, but you must stay on top of the data there. One vital step is checking in on definable metrics with business intelligence and insights to identify patterns. I’d also recommend touching base with customers and agents with surveys to get their feedback. Finally, it’s also a priority to conduct quarterly business reviews with clients or customers to assess progress and fine-tune strategies.


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Why Expert Agents are Invaluable

Your agents are an integral part of the equation because finding ways to measure emotional intelligence, compassion, and technical competency is a surefire formula for success. Ultimately, there’s no way around the need for a combination of data, details, technology, and human touch.

Travel agents are a great example of this. Say you are stranded somewhere before a holiday and are desperate to get home. If you are stuck with an automated service only, you aren’t going to make it. Where an agent can get creative. Maybe you take a different airline or a different form of transportation. You need that highly skilled travel agent to help walk you through out-of-the-box ideas to help solve the problem.

Finding the right balance between automation and human interaction is critical to customer success. Leveraging the strengths of both AI and IA is imperative to delivering that high-quality customer experience.

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