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Virtual Education Expert Tamara Schroer Shares her Insight

Tamara Schroer, an expert in the virtual classroom, offers a few ideas to engage remote workers in her viewpoint for TJ – Training Journal, an authority for learning-and-development practitioners.

young woman on her laptop studying online

In her piece, “Investing in professional development for a virtual workforce,” Tamara believes workers need to be well-educated in the business, especially a client’s, to succeed.

As vice president of Education and Development at Working Solutions, Tamara states achieving success requires several things, all done consistently. They are:

  • Fostering a caring culture that creates a welcoming workplace to attract and onboard great people.
  • Using degreed educators who know how to instruct and engage workers—not just train them.
  • Investing for the long term, promoting an online worker community to build comradery and culture.

Tamara knows that initial education, no matter how thorough, also needs ongoing workforce development—short term and long range—to sharpen skills and improve performance.

As she puts it:

Building blocks, laid one after the other, to accomplish bigger things.

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