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5 Ways Onshore Contact Center Outsourcing Gives Businesses More Bang for Their Buck

There are more than a few good reasons why so many businesses today are choosing onshore contact center outsourcing to handle their customer service needs. As cultural differences and time lags continue to diminish the appeal of off-shore outsourcing, so too has technology expanded to the point that it’s simply no longer necessary to rely on agents in other countries to deliver customer care.

man using on demand contact center services over the phone to increase profits

Today, businesses of all sizes can get much better value for their money by partnering with onshore contact center outsourcing providers like Working Solutions, which offers a network of more than 100,000 highly trained, freelance customer care agents who genuinely love their careers. And because they’re passionate about their work, they deliver friendlier, more satisfying communications to customers and prospects.

“Often, outsourcing decisions are driven by price over performance,” writes marketing expert Gail Rigler in an exploration of the benefits of outsourced contact center services. “On paper, for instance, offshore might seem cheaper. Not always the case, though, when measured against productivity. Our flexible scheduling model enables greater agent efficiency. Output is billed in productive minutes-not clocked by the hour. This means more gets done with less.”

Our flexible scheduling model enables greater agent efficiency.

And here are five ways that onshore contact center outsourcing accomplishes exactly that — by giving businesses more bang for their customer service dollar.


5 Ways to Get More for Less with Onshore Contact Center Outsourcing

1. Lower costs and better efficiency. Partnering with an onshore, outsourced customer care provider means eliminating the need to employ your own call center agents. And that means you don’t have to shoulder the expense of paying their salary and benefits or meeting their termination agreements. It also means you won’t have to hire more workers during busy times of the year — like the holiday shopping season, for instance.

illustration of the benefits of onshore contact center outsourcing

One of many different benefits of partnering with an onshore outsourced customer care provider is that there is no need to employ agents.

It also means you don’t have to micromanage your customer care team, or throw precious dollars in the bottomless hole of hardware and software purchases (which usually need continuous upgrades). By moving your customer care team off-site with an onshore provider, you retain control of the messaging, schedule and style of your communications while shifting the burden and expense of management to dedicated experts.

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2. On-shore agents are local to you — and to your customers. If you truly want to deliver a great customer experience, it’s a good idea to utilize agents who speak the same language and share the same cultural background as the people who engage with your brand, whether that’s American English, French Canadian, Spanish, or somewhere in between.

saying hello in different languages

Customer experience is about connecting with your customers no matter their cultural background.

And this has become a standard feature in customer care: Although offshore customer care gained a great deal of ground in the 1990s — thanks to its ability to contain costs — today’s advancements in communications technology means U.S. businesses can enjoy similar economies of scale by outsourcing customer care to companies in the same country or even state where they do most of their business.

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3. Outsourced agents are dedicated to customer service. Because they live and work a freelance lifestyle that gives them the flexibility and freedom to work on their own schedule, the kind of agents offered by customer care providers like Working Solutions are passionate about their work — they’re not just punching a clock.

woman with laptop on phone with customer service

Passionate customer service agents provide an exceptional experience to customers.

With a network of more than 100,000 U.S.-based call center agents, Working Solutions has the resources to offer businesses dedicated agents who will learn their brands and talking points inside and out. Even better, the agents don’t need to be employed during times of low utilization, eliminating the need to hire part-time temps who don’t really have enough time to get to know a brand, or regular employees whose full-time employment isn’t really necessary all year ‘round.

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4. Faster implementation and customized delivery. Because on-shore, on-demand contact center outsourcing services like Working Solutions have been established for decades, they have the resources and processes to provide the kind of quick but high-quality implementations that are sometimes necessary in the fast-paced, highly volatile world of customer care. And thanks to these carefully designed and firmly established processes, businesses have access to agents with much faster prep times than traditional temp workers.

business man looking at product plan

On-demand call center services ensure a smooth and high-quality customer care and provide with the best agents to get the job done.

At the same time, these are not by-the-cuff implementations: They’re carefully configured by our customer care experts to meet your precise needs. Our experienced, highly trained agents are also carefully chosen to sync up with each client’s culture and product or service to ensure that all interactions with customers and prospects are of the best possible quality.

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5. Agent flexibility and customer satisfaction. When businesses partner with an outsourced contact center solutions provider, they not only get access to skilled agents who are trained to deliver their message, but they also get access to those agents exactly when they need them. In fact, leading providers like Working Solutions can scale up customer service by as much as 300% in just hours — and then just as quickly scale back down for routine business.

That kind of quick-turn flexibility, combined with agents who share cultural bonds with customers, also contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering great, on-point communications when and where they’re needed — and not dropping the ball during busy sales seasons or even unpredictable disasters and storms.


As pioneers in onshore contact center outsourcing, Working Solutions leads the industry in providing top-notch customer care that’s flexible, scalable, efficient — and demonstrated to deliver great customer satisfaction.

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