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Kristin Kercheval Guides Team on a Path to Success

It was 25 years ago when young McKesson manager Kristin Kercheval had a chance encounter with Working Solutions founder Kim Houlne. Working on an innovative pharmaceutical coupon program, Kristin and Kim quickly developed a good rapport. This project and other ventures McKesson entrusted to Working Solutions were big successes.

Kristin must have made a lasting impression. Nine years later, Kim welcomed her to Working Solutions as a project manager.

After working with many diverse client projects, Kristin moved up within the company, first becoming a strategic engineer, and, later, as a direct report to Tracey Sloan.

Today, as director of Innovative Solutions Development, Kristin still works with Tracey connecting clients with business solutions and supporting teams and automating processes and reports within the Salesforce application.

For example, Kristin spearheaded projects that simplified the agent portal (Vyne), scheduling system, operations live chat, automated documents and the offer process. She also created a chat bot to allow applicants to learn about Working Solutions without occupying a virtual talent resource. This may not sound exciting, but it yielded tremendous productivity improvements.



A Proud History

A self-described “de-facto historian” for the company, Kristin has never seriously contemplated leaving Working Solutions. “I have always been fascinated by the company and its ingenuity. It is a great story.”

“I appreciate being part of such a special organization. From its founding 25 years ago, Working Solutions has been such an innovative company. It’s composed of a diverse group of talented believers who carry a ‘let’s-get-it-done attitude,’” Kristin said. “And this has yielded tremendous growth.”

Kristin said Kim is much more than a chief executive.  She is a great business-minded person and a guiding mentor. “Kim will give you a project with a lot of freedom to manage and implement. If you misstep, she will tell you to take it as a lesson and move onto the next solution. She isn’t a micromanager, and she always encourages us to be happy in what we are doing!”



Remote, But Connected

Like the vast majority of people in Working Solutions, Kristin works remotely and enjoys it. “At first it was very different. I was used to working in a cube or in an office and being at home took an adjustment. However, now I can’t imagine a better arrangement.”

Side benefits include no traffic to sit in, no buying or packing lunches, and no huge dry-cleaning bills.

“Once you begin working with other Working Solutions colleagues (even remotely), you don’t feel like you are on an island. There is still a camaraderie present,” Kristin explained.

She also values getting together with other agents and employees several times a year at regional meetings. These gatherings are a great way to brainstorm, build rapport and teamwork.

While Kristin’s plate is full, she makes time for her two grown daughters and her “crazy” grand puppy, a 150-pound Great Dane, Oakley Von Schade. She also likes to exercise, play tennis and travel.

“Just before the pandemic, I was fortunate to travel to Scandinavia, Russia and Ireland, Kristin said. “Beautiful and fascinating places! The history and people are truly embracing and welcoming! To actually watch a Russian ballet in Russia was just breathtaking!”


Everyone in Working Solutions has a ‘let’s-get-it-done’ attitude. That’s made the company a tremendous success.

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