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How Training Customer Service Agents Virtually Can Save Time and Money and Still Deliver

Finding ways to train teams effectively and economically can be challenging for any organization. Given the global shift in how leaders approach staffing over the past few years, virtually training your customer service agents is a considerable advantage that can save time and money. This methodology has proven successful while also improving a company’s bottom line.

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What’s Happening in the Marketplace

According to recent insights, 68% of consumers shared that most businesses could use improvement in how they train their customer service agents. Because customer service is a direct link to sales, company leadership must prioritize customer service; 70% of organizations see a correlation to performance, but it is still seen as an afterthought. This approach must change to satisfy consumer expectations.


Benefits of Training Virtually

Can you get great results by training virtually? The short answer is absolutely. Let’s look at the benefits of virtual training:

  1. E-Learning Boosts Retention
    • The more agents practice what they are learning, the easier it becomes to remember it. So, consider practicing real-life scenarios and quizzes to help agents remember new material.
  2. On-Demand Training
    • Giving your team access to the information they need when they want to access it helps them to take control of their educational process. They can go back to what they need to review whenever they want.
  3. Learning From Anywhere
    • Because agents may be located across the globe, virtual training allows for access for everyone, no matter the time zone. This way, everyone learns the same information, regardless of physical location.
  4. Real-Time Data & Insights
    • Because training is online, managers can access up-to-date information about how training is going, from quizzes to surveys. It also allows for the curriculum to be changed instantaneously.
  5. Cost Savings
    • Companies save on travel costs, materials, and labor by eliminating the need to train in person.


How to Start the Transformation

Whether you are starting from scratch or just revamping your existing program, start first with your messaging. That includes brand tone and voice, how to answer common questions, and the key points you want every agent to mention in each customer interaction. If you customize your training by developing educational resources tailored to your products and services, it can help you provide a personalized experience.

Determine your methodology for teaching. Start with how you teach:

  • Is it a collaborative environment, individual environment, or both?
  • How do you want your agents to practice? Will they use digital shadowing or role-playing?
  • How do you want your trainers to teach? Are you using video learning, a live virtual classroom, or blended?
  • Are you utilizing different tools to keep your agents engaged, like gamifications, hands-on practice, tech demos, or simulations of real-life scenarios?

Next, think about what to teach:

  • Are you providing guidance on how to employ empathy?
  • Do your teams know how to apply de-escalation tactics?
  • Are you mining customer insights to help with course topics?

Use the tools in your tech stack:

  • Dive into your knowledge base.
  • Survey your agents for immediate feedback.
  • Company messaging apps allows agents to use any device from any location with cloud protocol.
  • Take advantage of various messaging channels (voice, chat, video).

And finally, get buy-in from leadership, key stakeholders, and managers/trainers. Have them assist with coaching and mentoring, or monitoring productivity.

By combining teaching techniques from trainers, like guided exercises and individual hands-on practice, you have a greater opportunity for positive results with a variety of learners, ensuring success for each agent. That means you end up with a healthy business and engaged employees, which ultimately provides the best opportunities for customer satisfaction.

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