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Tamara Schroer

Tamara Schroer

Vice President, Education and Development

Tamara Schroer’s passion for agent education drives client performance. “One begets the other.” As vice president of education and development, she leads the design and implementation of all agent preparation for client programs.

Joining the company in 2001, Tamara later created Working Solutions University, an online agent campus. With 25 years of education experience, she honed her expertise as a classroom teacher, curriculum and evaluation specialist, and coordinator of reading and testing. “Incorporating students’ styles of learning enables you to connect on more meaningful levels and teach them effectively.”  

With an education degree from the University of Iowa, Tamara began her career consulting for a nationally recognized reading program developed by Boys Town, the Nebraska nonprofit for children. Combined with graduate studies at the University of Nebraska, she applies lessons learned to agent education today.