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We do not accept applicants located outside of the United States and Canada.

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Gain the Homefield Advantage with Onshore Customer Service in the USA


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American On-demand Contact Center Solutions

Working Solutions began business as an American company. Today, our services are delivered by on-demand contact center agents all across the United States—and as clients request, by French-Canadian agents, too.

We’ve always been able to find the right skills within the 50 states, and as need be, north of the 49th parallel. We match talent to task, align agents with corporate cultures and customers.

To do that well, you need the homefield advantage. For industry discussion, call it an onshore or homeshore point of view. Seeing things as others see because you share similar perspectives, experiences and expectations.

To us, this means having skilled agents who understand, firsthand, the clients and customers being served. Because they might live in the same city. Maybe attend the same schools or even cheer for the same teams.

As a proven contact center outsourcer, we give clients the homefield advantage by creating on-demand workforces in their own images—wherever in the U.S. or Canada.

That’s important to think about at mid-year, with July 4th a day away. In America, it’s a time to celebrate.

Also, it’s a pivotal point for many companies. A lot accomplished, and yet, still much to do in the last six months of the year. Now’s the time to reflect. Assess progress. Review your call center services.

Ask yourself:

  • Are our sales and service enjoying the homefield advantage?
  • Are contracted agents homeshore—or distanced by offshore?
  • Are customers comfortable, or concerned, with the care given?

Surely, they know the difference between Muncie, Indiana, and Mumbai, India.

Why not get close to your customers? Get down on the field with them. To reword a popular phrase, we believe that you can do both: “Go big… and stay local.”

So, go big and celebrate July 4th. Then afterward, back at the office contact us.

On-demand solutions free your business to succeed.


Go onshore.