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Future Proofing Contact Center Technology


Future of Contact Center Solutions

Contact centers are continually progressing, in no small part to the continued evolution of technology. From cloud technology to fully-integrated software, contact centers are able to move beyond geographic constraints to a virtual model that allows for capitalizing on excellent talent. The challenge, however, is to choose the right technology.

Because of the rapid pace of development, making technology choices is difficult. How do you determine what is the right move? Do you move to the cloud? Or perhaps Software as a Service (SaaS) is best? We have addressed these very challenges and understand the issues. When building our technology infrastructure to support Agents OnDemand™, we determined that more was needed. Future proofing technology was the goal so we can remain nimble while also providing excellent security.

The answer is to select a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. There are important differences between a SaaS model and PaaS model that should first be addressed:

PaaS versus SaaS

SaaS providers decide what to deliver and how to allow you to interact. There is plenty of accessibility to use the software, but not access for development. The freedom most contact centers want, and really need, comes from using Platform as a Service.

PaaS provides a ready-made package for contact center professionals to access necessary hardware and software, combining the most important aspects of technology into one powerful platform. By delivering everything contact center professionals need via the web, PaaS provides utilization of revolutionary technology without having to employ developers. This freedom affords professionals the ability to customize with varying skill levels and removes barriers to innovation. More importantly if the platform has open APIs, you can build your own custom applications and/or integration into your existing applications.

What to Look for in PaaS Solutions

Providing this ready-made platform ensures that contact center professionals can leverage technology as they need it. However, this level of access can generate anxiety, particularly when choosing cloud technology over traditional onsite solutions. It is important to understand exactly what you require in a hosted solution without buying into fabrications.

There are several important areas to address when selecting PaaS, including:

  • Security
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Level of control
  • ROI realized by moving to an expense-based model
  • Good service level agreements
  • Quality control measures
  • Solid reporting functionality
  • Easily scalable solutions

Utilizing a solid PaaS solution will meet all your requirements while providing solid ROI. You will have more control than most on-premise solutions, and significant improvements in flexibility.

PaaS Improves Customer Service

Platforms provide the technology required to deliver high levels of customer service. Combining critical technology components into one solution ensures that customers can receive service in an efficient manner while still supporting their desires. Challenges with tracking, reporting and reacting to issues are a thing of the past. Furthermore, PaaS utilizes state-of-the-art technology so that your contact center is empowered to keep up with ever changing customer requirements. For example, social media has changed into a major communication channel that your customers expect to use in some form. PaaS provides the technology you need when you need it, including transactions delivered via social media, email or web.

The reality is that customers are more sophisticated and expect customer service to keep up with their needs through their desired transaction style. Choosing to employ PaaS gives you speed, saves you money, and supports high levels of customer service. PaaS empowers the contact center by giving agents, supervisors and managers every tool needed to be the best.

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