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What disaster recovery plan do you have in place for the next storm?


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So far, the winter of 2017-18 is so bad that news outlets are coining disaster terms such as Blizzard Bomb and Blizzard Cyclone and it’s not even over yet. Whatever they’re called, these storms disrupt service and close businesses in places hardest hit.

How prepared is your company to ensure nonstop customer care?

Too often, brick-and-mortar call centers must evacuate for safety and remain shut down till the weather calms down. What happens to your customers, who still need service?

They’re left out in the cold, with flights canceled, concerts postponed, and utilities shut off.

That’s where we can step in and provide on-demand contact center services.

business continuity virtual call center preparedness
Our predictive tools and virtual call center model allow us to move quickly to flex-up to provide 24/7 customer service no matter the weather. As the Blizzard Cycle pounded the entire East Coast, we sourced customer service calls throughout other parts of the US, ramping up more than 300% in only a few hours so that our clients were able to provide uninterrupted service to their customers. As the storm passes and conditions improve, we will pull back resuming normal business operations.

Our clients have put in place a disaster recovery plan which includes on-demand contact center solutions. They know that we have their back regardless of weather or just seasonality peaks.

What disaster recovery plan do you have in place for the next storm your business experiences?

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