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Disaster Recovery in Contact Centers


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Business Continuity and Minimizing Impact from Disasters

In the rock classic, “Call Me the Breeze,” Lynyrd Skynyrd sings out these lines:

“Ain’t no change in the weather

Ain’t no changes in me”

Unfortunately for businesses in 2017, plenty of changes occurred in the weather. Ones that caught many companies off-guard in ensuring business continuity and nonstop service for customers.

After hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, insurance expert FM Global did a survey of $1-billion-plus companies operating in Texas, Florida or Puerto Rico, reports.


Several key points emerged:

  1. “64% said 2017’s hurricane season had an adverse impact on their operations.”
  2. “62% of those affected admitted they were ‘not completely prepared’ to deal with the effects.”
  3. “57% said they will put in place or enhance their business continuity or disaster recovery plans.”

The key points highlight just hurricanes. What about the Blizzard Bomb and other natural disasters that wreaked havoc recently on operations and customer service across the United States?

Based on climate changes and destructive weather, businesses don’t know any more what mayhem might show up at their doorsteps. Worse than being unaware is being unprepared, FM Global confirms.

According to, Louis Gritzo, in charge of FM research, observed: “People routinely fail to understand or acknowledge the magnitude of risk until they’ve experienced a fateful event.”

Don’t wait until you have experienced an extreme weather event, start planning now. Check out a few tips for business continuity.

At Working Solutions, we can partner to help you get prepared for any future disaster. From extreme weather, technical outages, or just spikes in business, we can provide on-demand call center services to keep things up and running. We do this by having a distributed agent workforce across the nation and a model that allows us to easily flex up and down based on need to ensure nonstop customer care.

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