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Contact Center World features Working Solutions for Storm Preparedness

As vice president of Program Success, April Wiita directs Working Solutions on-demand agents, ensuring nonstop sales and service for clients this hurricane season.

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Working Solutions Operations Expert Offers Sound Advice to Survive

April, who’s weathered historic storms—from Matthew to Harvey—offers her thoughts on preparedness in a viewpoint posted today in Contact Center World: “Something Wicked this Way Comes. Is Your Contact Center Ready?”

Her questions include:

  • Have your teams run through business continuity scenarios? When was the last drill?
  • Are you prepared to evacuate agents, shift work in a disaster? Have you timed it?
  • If so, do you have enough backup agents standing by and where? Is the plan in hand?
  • Are your business partners as secure as your own operations? Have you checked?
  • Short of Armageddon, are you prepared for back-to-back disasters? Said your prayers?

She understands the importance of on-demand contact center workforces being as fast and fluid as the situations they handle.

Get your call center out ahead of the storm.

Learn how.

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