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Business Continuity

Take charge of your customer-care operations. With strategic planning, proven processes and pros, and always-on technology.

Get Ready

Prepare more and worry less: Easier said than done, right? Today’s business world is highly competitive and technologically advanced. Too often, services strain to keep up, only to let customers down.

From the technical (network down!) to the natural (disasters), disruptive events are an increasing inevitability. Think cyberattacks and climate change. The question is: How can you safeguard the integrity of your customer-care operations in uncertain times?

Business Continuity Solutions

To succeed, organizations must anticipate. We help clients prepare and perform well.

Disaster Preparedness

Our integrated network enables always-on operations. Disaster preparedness and recovery plans ensure nonstop customer service—handling everything from blizzards to hurricanes to business spikes, because we cover very time zone 24/7 in the U.S. and Canada.

Built-in Scalability

Fast-flex, customer-care model supported by industry experts, from retail to travel to healthcare. Proven processes and pros handle any eventuality— foreseen and unexpected. Ramp up services 200% to 300% for increased demand in hours, not weeks.

Recovery Planning

Outperform your competition using solutions tailored to keep your business up and your customers on. No matter what. Our service extends your brand. Strengthen sales, service and customer retention with on-demand care that your rivals will envy.

Measured Results

Your business is unique—and your continuity plan should be, too. We analyze your needs and put plans in place to achieve goals. Proven processes ensure exacting execution. Analytics track key performance indicators, delivering the results that matter most.

Nonstop Sales and Customer Service

Ensure steadfast operations with an ever-ready workforce.


No day is ever the same. And business is hardly “as usual” if you’re caught shorthanded. Right? So, it only makes sense to have reliable resources right at hand. With us, you do.


workforce scheduling eliminates any service gaps.


agent ratio equals every full-time-equivalent worker.


Seasonal surges can be forecast. Disasters are more foreboding. In either case, how does your business function? Does it merely react? Or, is it responsive—anticipating the unexpected? Perform well in the real world with us.


flex-up capabilities deliver continuous service whatever occurs.


of extra hours worked, serving customers during recent calamities.


Do upcoming projects loom large in your business? Keep you wondering where there’s help to be had? When in-house, customer-care operations are stretched thin, call us. We can future-proof your operations with contact center resources in reserve.


talent network enables you to scale up for long-range projects.


fast-forward planning guarantees ample skills are identified and ready.

Success Stories

Operating in Harm's Way

With 23 years in contact center outsourcing, Working Solutions has ensured nonstop customer service during and after blizzards, floods and hurricanes—from historic storms to recent disasters of Harvey and Michael.

Case in point: One of the world’s largest nonprofit relief organizations needed reinforcements fast to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. It called on Working Solutions to help mobilize thousands of emergency workers and volunteers in the disaster’s aftermath. Learn more.

Be ready with business continuity that ensures premium customer care.

Prepare now with us.