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Company’s New Volunteer Program Could Provide 3,000+ Hours of Service

As a caring culture, Working Solutions empathizes with our clients and their customers, going above and beyond to identify with them and ensure excellent service. We’re the go-to company that people count on.

group of volunteers rebuilding houses in areas where natural disaster destroy houses

This same spirit is seen in the volunteer work that employees do year-round in their communities across the United States. As a business, we also recognize the value in giving back to the places where we live and work.

That’s why Working Solutions is launching a corporate volunteer program, WooHoo Crew. For each of our 140 employees, we are offering up to three paid days off for community service toward charitable or nonprofit groups.

In all, that could total up to 3,300 hours of volunteerism—all compensated by Working Solutions.

As a volunteer, everyone has something to give. Charitable work fosters a deeper sense of community, which in turn, could extend worldwide given the organization. Humanitarianism know no bounds.


The good that could come from this program includes employees:

As a company, Working Solutions also will recognize three organizations served by employees, donating to each one.

As The Beatles once sang, “The love you take is equal to the love you make.” Good words to live by, and they’re even better when accompanied by good deeds.

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