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6 Ways to Improve Company Culture with On-demand Customer Care

In an era when competition for talented workers is high and a brand’s reputation is part of its selling power, creating a company culture that’s not just positive and nurturing but also geared to meet business goals is a key part of success.
As crucial as it is to cultivate a strong company culture, though, too many executives and business managers leave this important task entirely to chance. In a look at company culture at Entrepreneur, Bretton Putter points to a survey of more than 1,300 North American executives where more than half describe it “as one of the top three drivers” of a company’s value—yet just 16% say it’s “exactly where it should be.”
It’s more than just “an enormous missed opportunity,” as Putter puts it, to neglect your company culture. It’s also ignoring a golden opportunity to motivate your team to do great work while setting your business apart from the competition. But building a strong, distinct, positive culture isn’t always an easy task, requiring as it does the balancing of a company’s mission and values with the day-to-day experience of its employees.
So how to bridge the gap between where your company culture is today, and where you want it to be? While there’s no magic formula—every business is unique, after all—there is one step that will take you a good distance toward the goal line: Partnering with an on-demand customer care provider.

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6 Ways to Improve Company Culture with On-Demand Customer Care

1. Happy Customers, Happy Workers. More and more, enlisting the services of a proven on-demand contact center is a preferred way for businesses to boost customer satisfaction—which, in turn, creates a more positive environment for workers. After all, nobody likes to work for a company that’s the subject of constant customer complaints or gets a lot of flak on social media from disgruntled consumers. By delivering a truly personalized experience, on-demand customer care enhances satisfaction and loyalty, which deliver dividends throughout the entire culture.

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2. The Positivity of Constant Growth. By using highly experienced, on-demand customer care agents with true expertise in upselling and building on existing relationships, your company can capture more sales and achieve proactive, continuous growth. And that’s a rising tide that lifts all ships, giving you the chance to not only pump up employee salaries and benefits, but also offer special bonuses and perks that contribute to a positive culture.

3. Keeping Up with the Times. Nobody likes to work for a company that’s hopelessly outdated. Enlisting an on-demand outsourcing partner for customer care means ensuring the use of customer outreach tools that leverage the latest technological and operational standards—standards that you may not necessarily have the means to achieve using your own resources.

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4. Making Work More Fulfilling. A comprehensive, on-demand customer model delivers not just premium care, but also carries out monotonous tasks like data entry, claims processing and order fulfillment. Taking this burden off the shoulders of your employees means freeing them up to focus on more challenging, and ultimately rewarding, tasks.

5. Keeping Your Team Safe. From increasingly destructive wildfires to record-breaking hurricane seasons, natural disasters have become a fact of life for American businesses. And when disaster strikes, an on-demand customer care partner can step in to take over, giving your on-site employees the freedom to stay safely home (or evacuate the area, should it come to that). And all this happens without any interruption in the quality or continuity of your regularly scheduled customer service.

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6. Making Up for Shortages. Whether from an unexpected departure of a key team member or difficulty sourcing candidates in your region, labor shortages can leave any business short-handed. On-demand customer care helps fill in those gaps, ensuring that your full-time, on-site team isn’t overburdened during times when resources are scarce. And it does this not through the use of unreliable temp workers, but with skilled, vetted talent.

Case Study: How On-Demand Customer Care Helped Preserve Company Culture

One of the best ways to improve company culture is to ensure your staff isn’t overburdened with last-minute projects that are above and beyond the scope of their regular duties. And enlisting the help of on-demand services is the perfect way to accomplish this.

Case in point: When faced with the challenge of rolling out an ambitious new Medicare-related enrollment program, a FORTUNE 100 healthcare services company realized that the scope of the project—involving the need for bilingual specialists already well-versed in medical and regulatory details—was outside the abilities of its regular staff. And the clock was ticking.

Enter Working Solutions. With direct experience helping companies fulfill a wide variety of customer care needs, we were able to offer access to 150 bilingual nurses within three weeks of the request. These were specialized professionals who knew enough about the type of care needed and applicable HIPAA regulatory issues to get to work after only one day of core training.

The result? Our partner was able to meet its goals, managing the anticipated spikes in customer requests and also ensuring patients received the fullest extent of information they needed—all while containing associated costs and maintaining the highest quality of care.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our premium, on-demand customer care services can translate into real, actionable ways to improve your company culture, we’re standing by to fill in the details.

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