Welcome to Working Solutions. We offer independent contractor, work-at-home opportunities for folks located in either the United States or Canada.

We do not accept applicants located outside of the United States and Canada.

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Empathy in the Workplace and Marketplace Pays Off

Dallas, Texas – How workers, clients and customers feel about your company impacts business results. And having a compassionate workforce contributes to financial success writes Kim Houlne, chief executive of Working Solutions, in her Customer Think viewpoint: Empathy in the Workplace and Marketplace Pays Off.

About Working Solutions

Twenty-two years ago, Working Solutions began as an idea that sparked an entire industry, on-demand contact center outsourcing. With clients across the United States and in Canada, the company today is a recognized industry leader in distributed business process solutions. Its virtual network of more than 110,000 registered agents handles sales, customer care and tech support for diverse industries, such as consumer services, retail, travel and hospitality. To learn more, visit

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