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Company’s On-Demand Agent Education Recognized

Working Solutions, known for blending automated customer service with live agents, won the Online Learning Platform of the Year in the 5th annual RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards.

Spanning almost 30 years, the company’s agent education stands out for its best practices in the virtual classroom. There, instruction is customized to a client’s culture, customers and offerings. Immersed in the business, agents become advocates for the brand they represent, delivering the best customer experiences (CX).

Tamara Schroer, vice president of Education and  Development for Working Solutions, said: “We ensure agents are well-schooled in a client’s CX operations. That entails one-on-one instruction plus class sessions where gamification and role-playing are essential to learning.”


Criteria for Recognition

For this year’s awards, thousands of nominations from established businesses and startups were judged worldwide. Categories included the digital workplace, project management and virtual office, as well as co-working. The criteria for selection involved the ease of use, performance and value, according to RemoteTech Breakthrough’s assessment.

The recognition features “products, solutions and companies within the crowded field of tech tools built for remote workers, distributed teams and global companies,” its website states.

For agent education, Working Solutions addresses all learner types, with group and individual practice that use artificial intelligence (AI), educational strategies and practices. They increase engagement and quality of learning, and reduce educator delivery throughout the entire curriculum by 30%.


Proven Educational Blueprint

The company employs a methodology called strategic agent learning techniques (SALT) for 30 days after initial training. It enhances the retention of earlier instruction.

This Working Solutions educational blueprint is a proven way to coach and transfer knowledge for remote workforces. It has increased agent retention 10% to 30% by class.

AI streamlines and personalizes agent education. Benefits are twofold:

  • Analyzes each agent’s strengths and weaknesses to tailor the learning.
  • Reduces costs and resources for role-playing, coaching and related tasks.

AI-enabled solutions combine with intelligent agents (IA) to elevate overall service. Today, Working Solutions has a network of 150,000+ CX professionals in North America. From their homes, agents—all independent contractors—ensure service excellence. In 2024, work expert FlexJobs ranked Working Solutions #1 among its Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs.


About Working Solutions

Working Solutions blends artificial intelligence (AI) with intelligent agents (IA) for prompt, practical customer service and sales. Its virtual workforce delivers business process outsourcing (BPO) services across diverse industries, such as consumer services and retail, healthcare, and travel and hospitality. Learn more at

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