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Call Center Predictive Planning: A Must for 2019 Hurricanes


Call Center Predictive Planning: A Must for Hurricane Season


Ensuring Nonstop Customer Service this Season

Predictions for the 2019 hurricane season forecast more storms than normal. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re “becoming windier, wetter, and powerful than ever,” pushing further inland.

Fact is, it’s getting harder to stay out of harm’s way. Are your call center operations prepared—or not?

For nonstop customer care, predictive planning is a must for reliable, responsive service. Do you have the five crucial pieces in place to ride out any storm and its aftermath? How about three or more, right in a row?

You would—with on-demand contact center solutions.



Working Solutions operations track hurricanes as they develop, anticipating when and where they will disrupt clients’ customer service. In addition, FlightAware MiseryMaps are used to identify airports and flights where storms will cause the most delays and cancellations.



With full-time equivalent ratio of up to 3-to-1, agents educated in a client’s business are in reserve as customer volumes fluctuate. They can scale up or down 200% in a few hours’ notice.



Real-time communications, via mobile and online, alert agents days in advance. Via our agent portal Vyne and other channels, updates and adjustments are made as customer service demands change.



Using STAR (Strategic Talent Ample Resources) maps to pinpoint agents, their numbers are calibrated and shifts scheduled, figuring a hurricane’s path and duration. “What-if” scenarios are thought through. Client work is moved out of harm’s way while bringing in additional agents from unaffected areas.



As a storm rages, aftermath preparations are done. Assessments of client current operations—perhaps damaged brick-and-mortar call centers—determine the need for auxiliary remote agents afterward and for how long.


Map shows agent available in the United States map

Our network of 110,000+ agents across the United States.


Watching Out for Something Wicked

With a network of 110,000+ agents, our talent outreach is greater than any storm’s path. For the recent nor’easters, we:

  • Conferred with clients days in advance, determining where and when the most support was needed.
  • Alerted agents beforehand, adding numbers and shifts as necessary—anticipating trouble spots.
  • Evaluated risks as the storms struck, shifting resources to harder hit areas to ensure steady service.


Business continuity often requires operating in harm’s way. And while the names of the storms and their intensity vary, predictive preparation remains the one constant whenever “something wicked this ways comes.”


Whichever Way the Wind Blows: April Wiita is Ready

April Wiita virtual contact center solutionsAs vice president of Program Success at Working Solutions, April Wiita’s title defines her work: Ensuring ever-ready, up-and-running service for client’s customers. No matter what.

She directs on-demand contact center operations for clients across the U.S. and in Canada. In recent years, Wiita has overseen remote workforces in the face of hurricanes Sandy, Matthew and Harvey.

She also led agents during 2013’s winter storm Nemo and this year’s series of nor’easters, with three striking within 10 days. “Sometimes, there’s just no let-up. Predictive planning helps you outmaneuver dire predictions. But whatever happens, we strive to never let clients and their customers down.”


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